February 20, 2011

The First Step of Website Marketing?

While many online marketing handbooks would start with telling you how to drive lots of visitors to your website, we chose a different approach. There is […]
February 12, 2011

Purpose and Mission of Your Marketing Plan

marketing plan, marketing planning, marketing strategy, marketing tactics, marketing, marketing ireland, marketing successYour marketing plan is a document that clearly states why you are in business, what you have to offer your customers, how to retain existing customers, how to price your products competitively and profitably and provides a plan of action to follow to retain and grow your existing customer base.

Bearing in mind that you are a small business, the strategies outlined here are practical and take into account the importance of obtaining a measurable return on effort and money expended on any marketing activities.

Today the marketplace is very competitive and changes constantly; that is why you need to update your marketing plan regularly, at least once a year.

February 1, 2011

Making the Most of Your Marketing Plan

You work with a marketing planning consultant, get your marketing plan done, pay a significant amount of money – and then let it get lost among […]
January 29, 2011

Customer Relationships: Give One Away Free

customer relationships, customer relationship management, customer service


In today's modern society, we are all hell bent in getting as much as we can, in the limited time available to us. So why bother giving things away to your customers?

What can you give your customer today, that will make you and the person you give it to, feel great? And you can give lots of them to lots of customers, and it doesn't cost you a cent.

Well many people are altruistic, like Bill Gates, who has pledged $20bn to charity - but he can afford it! So can you give things away right now - yes you can, because it's free.

Click here to learn more about Customer Relationships in Ireland.

January 11, 2011

A simple thought – it could even help marketing!

All around you every day, our world’s abundant nature provides you with the tools, to help you reach your wildest dreams. All you need is belief […]
January 1, 2011

Happy New Year – Globally!

The festivities are happily over and if they were successful enough in this consumeristic way of life, we all are well relaxed, and completely fed up […]
December 23, 2010

Do You Have to Track All Your Marketing Efforts?

Unless you set appropriate marketing measures and track them, you won’t see the direction you are going and foresee the future you are approaching. By analysing […]
December 16, 2010

6 Hints for Google Ads Tracking

To be able to get a full idea of the efficiency of individual online marketing tools, we suggest that you watch how much you spend on […]
December 14, 2010

Website Marketing through Web Directories

You will find loads of web directories where you can submit a link for free – which is an excellent area of website marketing; just make […]