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SEO Starter PackageWithout proper search engine optimisation, your business may as well not even be online. The major search engines, especially Google, hold in the palm of their hands all of the keys to visibility on the Internet.

Although this may not be a newsflash to you, you may be unsure where to start your SEO. Many business owners completely forgo search engine optimisation because they believe it to be too expensive for their budget. This is a concept that definitely deserves a bit of research.

…After a month we are now on the first page in for our main keyword, in front of 12,300,300 competing websites. Helen McGardle, Director,

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Our search engine optimisation starter package will give you all the basics that you need in order to increase your visibility on Google, and with that, the entire Internet. A streamlined package with no frills is exactly what a small business needs to get started. The right package can also scale up as a business grows and needs more longevity.

The SEO starter package will also help you in your off-line branding efforts. As you hold it in your budget to zero in on the most important customers to your business, you will naturally have to go through the process of finding your precise niche in the marketplace. This can only improve your ability to rise in search engine rankings. All of the major search engines tend to reward companies who understand their needs and center their link building, keyword research and social media strategies around that niche. When this is the case, search engine rankings cannot help but rise.

Do not hesitate when you decide that you need to take your search engine optimisation campaign to the next level. Get the right help and get it quickly. Your competition is not waiting on you, and there is no time to spare.

Here is a quick outline of what is included in this SEO Starter package:

1. Getting your website ready for action
– i.e. More Visitors

What are your goals?
Who are your clients?
What action do you want them to take?
Website analysis – history, design, competition
Keyword research – define keywords that will deliver your business goals
Write descriptive SEO titles
Create meta tags with a call to action
Optimise the content of the website – keywords, headings etc.

2. Technical SEO

We might need help from your web developer here:

Fix duplicate content
Add SEO friendly mark-up
Fix page load times
Add canonical redirect
Upload XML sitemap

3. Tracking Setup

Link Google Analytics, Webmasters, Adwords
Set up conversion tracking

4. Social Optimisation

Add social sharing buttons and badges
Setup Facebook, Google+
Setup Google Places for Business

5. Content Optimisation & Strategy

Create a content strategy for 12 months
Add a call to action to every page
Add client testimonials, case studies, videos
Add trustworthiness signs (e.g. company reg. number,
contact details, safe payment logos, industry associations)

6. Link Building

Submit to local business directories
Submit to
Create a guest blog post and offer it to be published
Get links from local niche websites

7. Reporting & Consultancy

Performance report – leads, traffic, keyword rankings, review of what was done.
SEO consultancy – once you start moving up the pages in Google – momentum is what will keep you ahead of your competition.

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