Google Ads vs Ads Express – Which One Should You Choose and Why?

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January 25, 2016
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Google Ads vs Ads Express – Which One Should You Choose and Why?

When looking for the advertising platform that’s best for your needs, two of the most popular choices are Google AdWords and AdWords Express. Many businesses have trouble choosing between these two platforms. Both are great for different purposes, and the choice between them can be hard. To help you choose the platform that best suits your needs, we’ll tell you the big differences between Google AdWords and AdWords Express, and when you should use them.

Google AdWords

If you have the extra time it takes to manage your online ad campaigns then Google AdWords is the ideal choice. AdWords can let you show up on Google Maps, the Google Display Network, and Google itself. How you build your advertising campaigns and how active you are in managing your campaigns will play a large role in how much time you’ll have to spend on managing and optimizing your ad campaign.

AdWords is a robust online advertising platform that allows text, static banners, animated banners, and even video formats. However, If you do choose Google AdWords, you’ll need to continuously update and optimize your ad campaign’s structure by choosing keywords, setting bids, writing text ads, creating image ads, and optimizing your advertisements. If this sounds like it’s too much work for you, but you’re still willing to invest in high-quality advertising, you should consider hiring someone to manage your AdWords campaigns.

AdWords Express

If you don’t have the time or resources necessary to run a Google AdWords campaign then AdWords Express could be the best choice for you. If time is of the essence or if you lack the resources for an AdWords campaign, AdWords Express can get your campaign up and running quickly. Simply set a budget and a set of relevant keywords will be chosen depending on what you’re advertising, and they’ll be used to trigger ads for your Google+ page or your website. AdWords express also provides minimal ongoing maintenance and management.

If you don’t have a problem being limited to only text advertisements then AdWords Express is ideal. Although you’re unable to use advanced ad formats, you will still be allowed to write your own ads. Advertisements will be displayed above search results as a “Sponsored Link.”


If you don’t have the time or resources to manage a campaign, and you don’t mind being limited to text ads, then AdWords Express is the best choice. However, If you do have the time and resources needed to manage an advertising campaign (or have someone manage one for you) and you’re looking for a robust and inclusive advertising platform, then Google AdWords is ideal. Both platforms allow you to target ads geographically, and they are both pay-per-click.

If you’re interested in hiring someone to manage your AdWords campaign, we can help you. Contact us via our phone number (+351-1-960-9023) or our e-mail address (

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