What Is SEO

A Complete Guide for Companies in Ireland

True SEO is not just about hits and rankings, it's about creating content-rich websites which will come up in Google exactly at the time when people need them.

Are you a company struggling to make a greater marketing presence online? Businesses dipping their toes into the world of Internet marketing for the first time, or ones in their nascent stages of existence, need to use SEO strategies to draw in viewers, capture their attention and make them want to return to the site. Without SEO, companies are almost certain to fall behind their competitors.

So what is SEO, really?

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The Basics of SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The goal of SEO techniques is to bring websites up higher on search engine results pages. Sites that are near the bottom or that do not have a presence on the first page at all are less likely to be visited. Furthermore, web surfers might not trust pages that are so far down in search engine rankings. SEO strategies seek to get the site as far up as possible. In order to do that, websites need to provide content that is interesting to read and that matches up with search engine algorithms.

Understanding the World of Algorithms

In search engine terms, an algorithm helps to determine exactly what qualifies websites to end up at the top of results pages. Essentially, algorithms are lists of credentials. The more credentials that a website meets, the higher it is to appear on the results page. Algorithms include a number of components such as how quickly the site answers the surfer’s question, if the information of the site is of a high grammatical and spelling quality and if the site is optimised for mobile usage. Companies should look into the algorithms of specific search engines and also understand that algorithms do change on a somewhat regular basis.

Incorporating Keywords

At the heart of search engine optimisation lies the incorporation of keywords and phrases. Without the implementation of these words and phrases, the site is sure to suffer in terms of SEO. Essentially, the content creator of the site wants to incorporate words that someone looking for this type of information might put into a search engine. For example, if someone wanted to eat tacos and burritos in the heart of the country’s largest city, this person might type “Mexican food Midtown Manhattan” into a search engine. Websites that have effectively incorporated that phrase will appear high on the results list.

Creating Quality Content

Search engine optimisation has changed through the years, and as the field has grown, quality content has become more important. When SEO was in its beginning stages, typing a string of keywords over and over again in the site’s content might very well have brought it up to the top even if the writing was below average at very best. Now, algorithms help to give praise to sites that are able to effectively incorporate high-quality content with other SEO strategies.

Defining High Quality

Any company that wants to implement SEO into its website needs to know what exactly defines high quality content. The content needs to be fresh. Old, stale information is not useful to readers, and it does not make them want to return to the site over and over again. Grammar and spelling are also important. While the site does not necessarily need to sound as though it was written by a doctoral candidate in English, it should use language that the audience can trust as opposed to garbled syntax and diction. Content should also be diversified to appeal to a wide range of people.

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Diversifying Content

Websites should have different types of content on their pages to attract a multitude of audiences. You will certainly want to include basic information about the company that lets viewers know when the store is open, how they can order online and what types of products are available. However, businesses should also look toward venturing into other realms such as blogs. Blogs allow visitors to read more casual content, and this type of writing also provides companies with more opportunities to implement different search engine optimisation strategies into the pages.

Using SEO for Social Media

As a business owner or team member, you are probably starting to realise the importance of using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine and the rest, to connect with your target audience. Algorithms have changed to account for social media because the producers know that this is what your audiences want to see. Working to effectively incorporate clear and concise strategies into your social media pages will help you to attract a wider customer base but also to speak to your customers in a more friendly and casual manner. In an age where some claim the Internet has destroyed this personal touch, establishing such a connection is crucial.

Creating Backlinks

To return to your actual website, you also need to have backlinks. Remember, the algorithms are starting to stress quality more over quantity. Having scores of backlinks is not going to help improve your site’s rankings if they do not actually serve a purpose for the customers. Craft quality backlinks that bring readers to other information that will be useful for them. Not only does this strategy help to increase the visibility of your page, but it assists in getting consumers to see what else you have to offer.

Hiring Professional Assistance

As you can see by now, the field of search engine optimisation is a broad and expansive one. You’re unlikely to be able to create a complete plan for SEO in just a couple of hours as your business wants to fully examine its current model and goals to see how they work with search engine optimisation. Also, having the assistance of a professional is important. This team of experts can help you to understand the latest trends in the industry and to update your site according to new standards. They can assist you in building a plan that is right for your target audience and niche.

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While there is a lot of information and claims out there, it’s important to understand that SEO has evolved over the last few years and the things that have worked in the past are no longer effective. 3R is one of the few firms that have kept up with the changes and learned what’s working in the current challenging search atmosphere. We have a track record of helping our clients outrank their competitors and succeed with SEO.

We help can help you with the following:

  • Develop an overall SEO strategy. Figure out what keywords you should target, how to make use of your traffic, how to build links, and reverse engineer the competition.
  • Run SEO audits. An audit will pinpoint areas on your website that need help while also providing insight on what’s working.
  • Manage and grow SEO campaigns. SEO is a continuous process rather than a one off strategy. That’s why maintaining and growing a campaign over time is vital to your success.
  • Fix technical problems. We’ll help you deal with SEO related web design problems, URL canonical issues, onpage optimisation, and more.

Let 3R help you get on track with a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your website, analyse your goals, and even give you advice on how to instantly improve your SEO results.

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