SEO: Move to HTTPS (Adding an SSL Certificate) – SEO Service for WordPress Websites

As Google released recently, in October 2017 Google Chrome should start showing “Not secure” warning at all pages that are not HTTPS and contain an online form at the same time.

That’s why it’s not the best time you move your website to HTTPS.

Your part:

For this, you will need to buy an SSL certificate and install it to your website. This is quite easily done – you just need to contat your hosting provider and order an SSL certificate – here are some of the top hosting providers’ prices for SSL packages (you probably only need the simplest plan unless you run a really huge online store website):

What 3R will do:

The next step will be to redirect your whole WordPress website to its https:// version and then to make sure all links are changed into HTTPS:

As Google considers moving to HTTPS the same as moving to a new domain, we need to make sure we setup everything correctly so that we prevent any losses in your Google rankings:

  • Set up google search console
  • Edit google analytics
  • Change wordpress site & admin url
  • Setup htaccess file redirect
  • Save permalinks settings if the links are not working
  • Replace all internal http links to https
  • Edit thank you pages urls in forms
  • Edit social media links – google, facebook, twitter etc
  • Re-upload disavow file if applicable
  • Fetch & render in google search console
  • Confirm in Chrome that the SSL certificate is recognised
  • Check redirects are setup properly

Since this takes a lot of time and there still exists a possibility that moving to HTTPS will cause temporary loss in your Google rankings that we will need to fix really quickly, we are charging for this service a one-off fee of €140 + VAT.

Please, let us know whether you would be interested – moving to HTTPS is now cool!