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Peter Lawless

Founder, Marketing Strategy

Probably best described as a social entrepreneur. Having started his Career as a lecturer in computer science for 4 years, he spent 15 years in corporate life before starting 3R Consulting in 2004. In the last 10 years Thousands of people have benefited from Peter through Training, Lecturing, Mentoring, Coaching, TV and Radio.
Peter’s intervention at Aquatech was very timely. We were a successful heating and supplies company, turning over more than €3million. 6 months on, I am delighted to say that our revenues our up 40% year on year.

Simona Rusnakova

MD, SEO Expert & Google Ads

Simona Rusnakova is an experienced SEO specialist in Ireland. Having worked with dozens of Irish websites she gained lots of SEO experience across a wide variety of sectors, including technology, e-commerce, education, and non-profit.
We have found Simona to be professional, friendly and an expert in her field. We would have no issues in recommending Simona to any company and hope to do more business with her in the future.

Lukas Kepko

SEO & Wordpress Web Design

Having designed several Wordpress websites Lukas is now becoming an experienced web designer with a great grasp of all aspects of search engine opimisation in web design. If you decide to work with Lukas you can rest assured that your website will adhere to the best practices of SEO and, together with a stylish look, most recent functionalities and user-friendliness, it will help you achieve your goals, be it online sales or getting your message across.

Adrian Belak

Google Ads Expert

Adrián will help you in the paid Google environment. His main priority is achieving goals through the correct settings in Google Ads. He peeked into the world of online advertising at the "source" while he worked directly for Google. Thanks to this, he gained insight into how the world's largest companies advertise online. Adrián manages online advertising campaigns for clients of more than €100,000 per month. His main strengths are Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center optimisation skills.

3R does Search Engine Optimisation, Customers use 3R for Online Marketing,
Clients get SEO results.

3R SEO & Marketing is an Irish search engine optimisation company founded by Peter Lawless in 2004, a social entrepreneur – since then 100’s of clients have enjoyed working with 3R as their chosen search engine optimisation company. We are also a certified Google Partner.

SEO and Google Ads for Easy Buy Car PartsAfter hiring 3R do work on our SEO and Google Ads campaigns, our website has experienced a large growth in sales and page hits evident from the conversion tracking which was set up. Conor Cosgrave, MD,

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Below you can read the profiles of our current leading SEO Consultants:

Are you looking for proven SEO, marketing and business strategies that are strongly based on business growth? Our passion is to help companies to increase their sales and revenues, both online and offline. Your success is our success!

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How we approach SEO & Online Marketing

Search engine optimisation is one of many ways to let the world know about your company. It will help you get in front of people looking for products or services you offer. You don’t need to cold call any more, it’s more about answering people’s queries – people will ring you instead, saying that they are interested in what you have to sell.

Now, search engine optimisation actually works backwards – the first step is to make sure you have a process in place that will ensure that, once a potential client calls, their request will be handled to their full satisfaction. Then, you need to make sure the website is optimised for potential customers – not only looking good, but also talking to the visitors in a way that relates to the search query they put in Google before they got to your site.

And finally, the content and keywords that are on your website, will make the magic happen – when somebody searches for “[your product]” on Google, they will see your website ranked at the top, with an enticing message which will make them click on your link.

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So while we have tools, knowledge and experience to help you with search engine optimisation, the key to success actually is within your company – the quality of your products and services and the way you approach your customers.

Every firm needs a competitive differentiator and technology alone will seldom provide it. We have found that the best differentiation is very often market alignment, having the right propositions, supported by professional processes and carried out by people with a passion.

Coming from the above, here are the key aspects of SEO by 3R:

  • Focus on business goals – revenue, leads, sales etc. You tell us what specific actions you would like your website visitors to take and how you will measure success.
  • Proper keyword analysis – which specific keywords will deliver best results. At the beginning, we will ask you for a list of keywords; we will then go and do an in-depth research, finding out which phrases are most popular on Google or where you have the best chances to rank well soon.
  • Competitor analysis – what similar companies are doing and where your SEO could be better. We will let you know if we come across any interesting ideas or keywords we had not considered before.
  • Website content optimisation & development – when people “land” on your website, will they find what they were looking for? Will they rush to contact you? Do you use customer testimonials, calls to action, do you have proper website tracking setup? If you need help with writing more content, or improving on the existing, we can help.
  • Off-page optimisation & Social media outreach – how can you build relationships with related businesses, communities or groups? Local or niche web directories, Google Places for Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus…
  • Google Ads management – it’s not just about setting up a Google Ads campaign, if you want it to be really effective, somebody must look after it. These days, after Google made so many changes to the Ads system, you really need to be Ads qualified and have enough experience behind you to make sure every cent pays.
  • No spamming, no risk-taking with Google – there are no shortcuts, we always play safe, looking for a long-term success. Google is now very keen on displaying only good quality websites on their search results pages and we need to comply with their guidelines.

3R has been featured in directory, too.

Forgot to mention anything here? Please, let us know if you have any questions regarding Search Engine Optimisation and feel free to give us a call on 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023 or Arrange a Free Web Check to start this week.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023

How we approach our Clients


Irish SEO Consultant for Promowear3R is an SEO company you can rely on. It’s been years now since we started working with them, and during all that time, every our request related to search engine optimisation was answered quickly and effectively. We would recommend 3R as an SEO provider to any other Irish company.” Eamon Wilson, MD, Promowear

From reading the above, you now might have an idea of how important our direct cooperation with Clients really is for their search engine optimisation success.

We would like to make the whole search engine optimisation really easy for you while giving you enough insight and control over the whole process – you will receive regular updates as we move on with the project and an overall report at the end of every month.

That’s why we ~

  • Work closely with Clients – you will receive emails with updates, or questions we might have since we will be seeking your expertise to help us better understand your business and your industry,
  • Think about what our Clients’ clients want – for SEO to be successful, it’s essential that your website directly relates to the keywords people search for before they get to your site,
  • Provide regular updates on what we are doing – it is important for you to keep track of our actions so that you can build on them with your other marketing activities,
  • Email monthly reports that are easy to understand and not too long – because we know that you are busy running your business and you don’t have much time while you still want to get insight into what works and what does not.
  • Offer good prices – we like to make sure our Clients get much more than what they pay for – we are here to help and even if your budget is very low, we still can give you some priceless hints to help you move ahead.

Please, let us know if you have any questions and feel free to give us a call on 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023 or Arrange a Free Web Check to start.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023

How our Clients approach us


If you are deciding between more SEO companies, the below could help you get an idea of what you will experience after you choose 3R SEO & Marketing:

  • Our Clients hire us long-term  or come back to us when they need more help
  • Our Clients are happy to give us testimonials and approve case studies – let us know if you would like to have a chat with some of our existing Clients
  • Our Clients often refer us to their friends and partners – and we even don’t specifically ask for it!

Having been in operation since 2004, it feels great to look back now and read through our testimonials – here are a few of them:

ot-logo“…From redesigning our website, to successful promoting it in Google with search engine optimisation and Google Ads management, we are now confident in saying that our online leads increased by at least 100% which is a direct result of the work 3R has been doing for us.” Pat Duffy, Managing Director, Office Technology Ltd.

Read the whole case study here


SEO Consulting for NTCOur relationship has lasted over two years now and we are very happy with the results which 3R have achieved for us. We appear in the number one place for all our relevant search terms and while our ability to expand is limited because of the nature of our educational business model we have achieved full enrolment on our programmes in a much shorter timeframe than that which existed before using SEO.” Greg Merriman, National Training Centre,

Read the whole case study here


Online Marketing for Marbella Resorts3R provided us with excellent personal approach, giving us much more than expected, providing us with hugely beneficial advice on how to enhance our website effectiveness and promote our holiday apartments online. Now I am glad to say that within last 3 months, our online bookings from Irish visitors increased by 300%.” Ajinder Toor, Director, Marbella Resorts, Renting Luxury Beachfront Holiday Apartments


Please, let us know if you still have questions and feel free to give us a call on 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023 or Arrange a Free Web Check to start.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023