Do You Want SEO to Bring More Sales?

Do you have an online marketing strategy? Does your website rank highly with Google, or are you hanging back from the pack, hoping that your audience will somehow notice you on their own? Now, find a better way to great sales.

SEO Consulting for NTCOur relationship has lasted over two years now and we are very happy with the results which 3R have achieved for us. We appear in the number one place for all our relevant search terms and while our ability to expand is limited because of the nature of our educational business model we have achieved full enrolment on our programmes in a much shorter timeframe than that which existed before using SEO.” Greg Merriman, National Training Centre,

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    Fully Customisable SEO Packages in Ireland

    How Can SEO Services Generate Real Sales?


    When it comes to your online presence, two main strategies are mandatory. It is crucial that you employ an SEO strategy and a marketing strategy, preferably integrated whenever possible. When your entire sales and marketing plan is cohesive, you’ll do better both on and offline.

    SEO services are helpful because they can increase the likelihood that your website will be discovered online by visitors. Not only can it increase the likelihood that you are discovered, good SEO can help you to be discovered by the right people, resulting in a higher number of conversions. But it is crucial that SEO is undertaken in a professional, ethical way.

    Conversions are the key when it comes to SEO, and it’s also how you can measure your success.

    Think of good SEO practices like inviting in the perfect shopper to a retail store. If you owned a needlecraft store, and invited in a general population of people, you’d probably eventually make a few sales. But if someone hung a sign around town directing crafters to your store, you’d see a big jump in sales. SEO helps search engines to direct targeted individuals to your business, in addition to the general population found on the internet. It’s like the difference between cold and warm sales calls.

    When the right people find you, they should find exactly what they are looking for. That means that they’re already happy when they land on your website and realize what they need is right there. Happy customers result in sales, conversions, and higher general numbers over time.


    Why You Need SEO Services


    You need SEO services because without them, you are simply another business trying to get noticed online. An estimated Unless you are a multi-national recognizable company with a reputation that can pull visitors all on its own, you can likely benefit from SEO services. Even if you are a large business, there’s always room for improvement.

    SEO services can ensure that you are at the top of your web presence game. In certain cases, we may even be able to help you to exceed rankings for sites in direct competition with you; this will mean that visitors are directed to you, before they are directed to your competition. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

    If you had a shop, you would want people to come into it – shouldn’t you do the same with your website? At least let people find you – more online visitors bring more online leads and sales.

    When people search for “printing”, they are looking for better brand image. When they type in “recruitment”, they would like to get that perfect job. When they search for “marketing”, they want more sales leads. So what do people want when they come to your website?


    With 3R SEO Services you can enjoy these benefits


    • Bring more visitors via non-paid search in Google
    • Get more clicks and conversions than ever before
    • Optimise the content so that more visitors become clients

    Sounds interesting? Call us now phone-number and see how this is possible.


    What do SEO services include?


    1. We willl pick the best keywords potential customers looking for your products or services in Ireland would use – first page in Google!
    2. We will help you get good quality leads from the website.
    3. We will help you get more visitors so that you will get even more sales every month!

    Our SEO services include exactly what you need to get noticed. We understand that boosting your web presence is important. That’s why we follow you from the starting point through success; we’ll start by picking out the very best keywords for your industry, product, service, and/or niche market. This is a very important step. It’s crucial that your target market find you when they search terms related to what you are selling, but simply choosing single keywords isn’t effective any longer.

    This is where long-tail keywords come in. Long-tail keywords are comprised of what is known as a keyword phrase. Instead of using just “ice cream,” to sell ice cream, we look at what people are really searching for. Typically, this ends up being something like “best strawberry ice cream in Ireland.” By creating a searchable phrase, we can boost your ability to get noticed and encourage Google to place you high on the first page.

    From there, it’s about lead generation and helping you to get more visitors to your website. Lead generation can be comprised of many different strategies; this is typically customised to your needs and requirements when you choose service with us.

    We can help to recommend what to post on social media sites, ensuring that you drive visitors from this important area as well. We can work with all sites, even in a post-hummingbird Google environment. It’s a fully-structured service that’s designed to boost your credibility online while attracting the right visitors whenever possible.


    How to start your very personal SEO service now


    To start your personalised SEO service, we’ll first get to know you a little bit. From there, it’s about finding out what it is you need and how we can make it work for you. We’ll need access to your web presence, typically this is only your website itself. This helps us to optimise each page for the most current SEO qualities preferred by Google. It also helps us to evaluate your content for issues when we first begin. It’s important to us that you have a working strategy for your online presence. When you call us, we will need to:

    • 15-30 min on the phone with you to learn about your business and your goals (free of charge)
    • Access to your website admin (or FTP login details)
    • If applicable, access to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
    • Availability to discuss any ideas we might have during the project implementation by phone and/or email

    Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023

    Once we have done all of this, it’s time for us to work our magic. That means working to find a solution that can help you to jump to the first page of Google results for your keyword, niche, industry, or search term. Before we start, we’ll come up with a strategy for success and ensure that you fully understand it. We’ll give you a quote on your services, and we’ll detail what your monthly plan will be.

    Then, we’ll optimise your on-site SEO so that we can start working on driving traffic to your website. We will also monitor your month to month service for changes, so that we can act proactively if SEO changes occur. It is inevitable that Google will change its mind about SEO yet again in the future, but this time, you can be prepared. Ensure that your best side shows clearly when people search for it.

    Not sure about your ability to compete online? Perhaps you wish your business had more sales or conversions. Whatever your issue, we can help to solve it so that you can enjoy a thriving business. Contact us today at +353 1 960 9023 to start your world-class service. Or, email us at consultant (at) We’ll get back to you the moment we’re free.


    Did you know that good SEO will give your more leads and sales from your website? SEO is way more than optimising a few keywords – it’s about training your website to become a better silent salesperson!

    To let 3R help you boost your website & get a no obligation “Website Audit”, please fill out the form below. We’ll take a look at your website, analyse your goals, and even give you advice on how to instantly improve your SEO results.

    While there is a lot of information and claims out there, it’s important to understand that SEO has evolved over the last few years and the things that have worked in the past are no longer effective. 3R is one of the few firms that have kept up with the changes and learned what’s working in the current challenging search atmosphere. We have a track record of helping our clients outrank their competitors and succeed with SEO.

    We help can help you with the following:

    • Develop an overall SEO strategy. Figure out what keywords you should target, how to make use of your traffic, how to build links, and reverse engineer the competition.
    • Run SEO audits. An audit will pinpoint areas on your website that need help while also providing insight on what’s working.
    • Manage and grow SEO campaigns. SEO is a continuous process rather than a one off strategy. That’s why maintaining and growing a campaign over time is vital to your success.
    • Fix technical problems. We’ll help you deal with SEO related web design problems, URL canonical issues, onpage optimisation, and more.

    Let 3R help you get on track with a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your website, analyse your goals, and even give you advice on how to instantly improve your SEO results.

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