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If you are a corporate business, you may feel as though you do have the resources for a proper search engine optimisation campaign. There is an SEO consulting package created specifically for your situation – and actually, it does not have to cost the earth.

After our website redesign and SEO by 3R we’ve had a very successful month again with over 20 new clients most weeks so were very happy with this, thanks so much.Beth Fitzpatrick,

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Not only will you benefit from the tracking & reporting tools that are usually a necessity at a corporate level business, but you will learn how to aim at the most effective areas of your online promotion. You will be able to monitor the whole process as we run your keyword research, optimise your meta tags and SEO titles as well as your website content. You will understand exactly who your online customers are and what they are looking for based on quantitative evidence, not just hunches and guesses.

The SEO consulting package for corporates should ideally be used for 12 months or more. It is this extended time that will allow Google to pick up on your website as a trusted source of information for your chosen keywords.

You must also build an all-important links campaign. On the Internet today, who you know is who you are. We will find out who to link to and who to ignore so that your website will be viewed as a trusted resource.

Finally, you will be able to connect your website to the major social media hubs that will give you added visibility. The easiest way to make it to the top is to incorporate your website into a spider’s web of information. Do not let your customers go until they convert by giving you an email or some other contact information.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023

What is included in the SEO Consulting for Corporates package:

  • Work on increasing traffic & leads
  • Consultancy on what could be done better – social, conversions, traffic etc.
  • Optimising any new pages
  • Fixing technical issues – we might need to work with your web developers on this
  • Specific actions for the next month
  • Weekly calls to keep things moving
  • Monthly report – leads, traffic, keyword rankings, review of what was done.


  • We will work closely with you and your own input will greatly affect the results, so please, help us help you.
  • We are not web developers as such and with some of the technical issues we might need to work with the person who designed your website. Therefore, there might be extra costs for their work involved.
  • We will not do the day-to-day management of your Facebook (Google+ etc.) page but we can provide advice and suggestions on what to post on your wall, how to increase the number of your fans etc.
  • All our reports are explanatory and easy to understand – no non-sense data!


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Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023

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