Google Adwords Certified PartnerDo you want to be sure that only Google Adwords certified partners work on your Adwords campaigns?

Are you looking for a guarantee that your ad campaigns will be handled by industry experts? Do you want to be sure that only Google Adwords certified partners work on your Adwords campaigns?

Google Adwords Certified Partner
The Google Partners programme is designed to show you which advertising specialists have what it takes to earn Google’s trust. Google Partners are given exclusive access to data, tools and training that keep them a cut above the rest.



Google Adwords Certified Partner3R provided us with excellent personal approach, giving us much more than expected, providing us with hugely beneficial advice on how to enhance our website effectiveness and promote our holiday apartments online. Now I am glad to say that within last 3 months, our online bookings from Irish visitors increased by 300%.” Ajinder Toor, Director, Marbella Resorts, Renting Luxury Beachfront Holiday Apartments

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Certified Partners Offer Your Company:

  • Techniques trusted by Google and the advertising industry
  • Advanced training and certification in the Adwords system
  • Insider access to the latest products and features in Google’s network
  • The latest industry insights and tools to optimise your campaigns

What Does It Take to Become a Partner?

  1. Partners have demonstrated advanced proficiency in Adwords by taking Google exams.
  2. All partners must prove that they have established and maintained healthy ad campaigns.
  3. Adwords campaigns run by a partner must utilise Google’s “best marketing practices” to get the most out of working with Google.

Partners are required to meet high standards even after certification. Google’s scrutiny lets you be confident in the ongoing quality of your campaigns.

Using Google-Approved “Best Practices” Across Four Key Areas

Search Networks
Google’s “best practices” go beyond SEO to optimise results on Google’s search engine, images, shopping and maps as well as partner search engines. Your Partner will:

  • Maintain a high Quality Score, ensuring that interested clients land on your website.
  • Customise ad scheduling to only show your ads when your target market is browsing.
  • Use ad extensions to display your company contact information, third party reviews and sitelinks that direct clients to the page they need in a single click.

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Display Networks
It takes different techniques to your target market via Gmail, Google affiliate websites, blogs and apps.
Your Partner will:

  • Maintain two different campaigns for search and display networks.
  • Use topic targeting to hone your market.
  • Remarket to reach out to prior visitors again.

Maximising your budget for YouTube ads takes a keen eye and constant changes.
Your Partner will:

  • Maintain advertisement view rates that meet or exceed the average.
  • Use TrueView in-search, in-display and in-stream to increase exposure.
  • Use call-to-action overlays that display during playback.

Customer Care
Google Partners prioritise your budget, bids and satisfaction.
Your Partner will:

  • Regularly experiment with new ads and targeting options.
  • Make changes to improve your return-on-investment.
  • Optimise target audiences, keywords and other key points on a regular basis to meet your goals.

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