Are you stuck with a Google penalty that’s preventing you from moving up in the search rankings? Have you been completely deindexed from Google and don’t know what to do? If you suspect that you’ve been penalised, then it’s imperative that you focus on resolving the penalties before you continue building your campaign. It doesn’t matter how much content and links you build, you’ll still be limited in what you can achieve because of the penalties.

How to Check for Penalties

The simple way to check for penalties is to look at your Google Webmaster Tools account. Once you login, you will see a notification from Google stating that you were penalised if it is a manual penalty. The other sign will be given by a huge drop in your traffic numbers and without Google’s notification. Unfortunately, dealing with a penalty can be difficult and there is no magic formula to get a penalty lifted. You have to do a lot of research and analysis to figure out what is keeping you in Google’s dog house.

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Most Penalties Are Link Based

For most websites, the penalties will be link based. You may have many low quality or spammy links that are being linked back to your website. If you’ve gotten a lot of SEO work done before many of Google’s updates, it’s very likely low quality links are causing the problem. In order to identify which links, you’ll have to go through your linking profile by running a link analysis. It’s highly recommended that you use tools like Majestic SEO to carefully comb through your profiles and see which links might be causing the problem.

Warning: Good Analysis Is Critical to this Process

It’s important that you remove links that are actually hurting you. There are many firms that will try to help you in removing penalties but end up taking away the links that got you the great rankings in the first place as well. That’s why it’s vital to really be thorough and understand what kinds of links that you should be looking for. 3R has helped clients remove their penalties and get the kinds of results they were getting from their SEO before all the search engine changes. We know what needs to be done to ensure that you get back into good graces with Google.

Organisation Plays a Big Role in Success

It’s not enough to analyse your link profile and send removal requests and disavow submissions. You need to give Google the information they need to overturn the penalisation. To do this, all the information must be carefully compiled and organised for submission. Managing the information also makes it easier to proceed with the penalty removal process and the task of asking for Google’s reconsideration request. 3R can help you take care of this challenging SEO project for your business. Call us at 01 960 9023 and we’ll give you a free consultation that explains how we go about removing your penalties.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 01 960 9023