Would you like to constantly bring people in the buying mood to your website so that it turns into a really successful sales tool? Could your Google Ads campaigns improve every month?

When you set up Google Ads, you could pay for clicks but get no leads. To get back into black numbers, you need to optimise your Google Ads. How much would these bring to your business every day?

SEO and Google Ads for Easy Buy Car PartsAfter hiring 3R do work on our SEO and Google Ads campaigns, our website has experienced a large growth in sales and page hits evident from the conversion tracking which was set up. Conor Cosgrave, MD, EasyBuyCarParts.ie

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With Google Ads Management you can enjoy these benefits

  • Make sure every cent you spend on Ads generates revenue
  • Get more clicks for the same budget
  • Speaking technically – improve your click-through-rates and cost per conversion
  • Optimise your landing pages so that the clicks you pay for turn into sales

What is included in the Ads Management packages


  1. We will conduct keyword research to find the most profitable keywords
  2. We will setup campaigns and ad groups selling your products/services effectively
  3. We will optimise campaign settings, so that every cent spent on Ads counts!
There are two packages of our Google Ads management services – Google Ads Setup, which normally takes 4 weeks, and is followed by the Google Ads Monthly Management Package.

Google Ads Setup


  • If applicable, setup Google Ads account and send details to the Client (all our Clients have full access to their Google Ads campaigns)
  • Ask Client to upload their credit card details to Google Ads
  • Analyse the business, website (content, functionality, tracking), competition, market
  • Set SMART goals
  • Define value proposition
  • If applicable, create plan of monthly tasks for the next 6 months
  • If applicable, setup Google Analytics and link it to the Ads account
  • Conduct keyword research based on Google’s tools, current website and competitors
  • Determine account structure
  • Setup campaigns and ad groups based on Client’s products/services and set appropriate budget
  • Optimise campaign settings
  • Expand keywords in each ad group, use various keyword matching options and add negative keywords
  • Set initial bids
  • In each ad group, create at least 2 ads relevant to the keywords in the ad group
  • Choose a landing page for each ad
  • Review/create thank you pages on Client’s website and install Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Create a final report using data from Google Analytics & Ads and explain them to Client

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Google Ads Monthly Management


  • If applicable, check the campaigns daily – spend, profit, conversion rate, cost per conversion, total conversions
  • Review bids and edit appropriately
  • Work on increasing the quality score of individual keywords
  • Delete ineffective keywords
  • Conduct additional keyword research to identify new keywords, and/or to include any newly added products in the campaigns
  • Replace ineffective ads with new ones (ad copy report)
  • Review main landing pages and suggest changes (URL performance report)
  • Create a monthly report using data from Google Analytics & Ads and explain them to Client (incl. geographic performance report)

What we need to start your Google Ads Management now


  • 15 min on the phone with you to learn about your business and your goals (free of charge)
  • Access to your website admin (or FTP login details) to set conversion tracking
  • If applicable, access to your Google Ads or your Google Ads Client ID
  • Availability to discuss any ideas we might have during the project implementation by phone and/or email


Interested? Call us now phone-number and see how this is possible.

Contact 3R SEO Consultants Now: 089 466 2000 or 01 960 9023