“Be organic” – Why constantly adding new attractive content to your website is important

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“Be organic” – Why constantly adding new attractive content to your website is important

Content Online Marketing Strategy

Content Online Marketing StrategyAs with anything in today’s economy, originality pays out. You just need to look at all the entrepreneurs and inventors who have made their millions by coming up with new valuable and interesting ideas. This can be directly translated into content writing and the need for unique information as opposed to re-written, copied tripe that has no purpose only to be there for the sake of filling space.

When you look at novelists like J. K. Rowling who has made a billion pounds off her creative content you start to realize the success in it, and although we are only talking about regular article writing for marketing purposes the same rule still applies. You need to come up with unparalleled content that cannot be found anywhere else. There are a number of reasons that this will help your website to be successful:

  1. Ranking – Your site has a greater chance of being ranked higher by Google if there is more variety in your work with numerous keywords and phrases. Google will match your article to more search queries thus generating more views.

  1. Shared Rates – When people stumble across your title and read the content they expect it to match to what you have advertised. If this is truthful and you have even provided links to helpful products and sites there is more chance of being shared by online users which will in turn create more hits.

  1. Reputation – Similar to the above, if your content relates to the proposed advice and information on offer from the headline then you are more likely to gain a good reputation in the online content world. When you become trusted as a writer you have to work a lot less hard to encourage viewers to your site and soon gain a mass following that will continue to grow.

  1. Personal Knowledge – Not all content and articles you write should be about the customer, you can also gain valuable and interesting information out of your research that will stand in good stead for future exercises. Furthermore, your writing will only improve as you expand on your vocabulary and knowledge of a variety of topics.

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