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August 21, 2013
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Tips for Writing Headlines for Content Strategy

writing headline - content online marketing

writing headline - content online marketingA piece of writing is nothing without its title and this applies no more so than to online content creation. Giving an article a relevant catchy name is extremely important in encouraging viewers to your website and generating large hit ratios. Without the added impact of a purposeful title all other work goes out the window. This can be very upsetting as you may spend endless hours creating the content just to have it completely ignored.

If you manage to attract people through your title and accompany it with good content then you will not only have high volumes of hits but also avoid continuous bounce rates as well. When online users search a specific query on Google by entering keywords a number of relevant sites pop up on the first page and this is where you want yours to be. The following are some tips for creating uniquely marketed content that will provide you with the results you desire.

  1. Target Audience – Before you begin putting down words for your content and subsequent title you must think of who you are aiming them at. You need the information to appeal to specific people and ensure that they are attracted by the name you have given the article.

  1. Competitors – A good indication for a top quality headline is to have a look at other successful sites that write similar content to yours. You can then gauge the general terms and phrases they use and determine the best route to take in terms of words to use and things to mention.

  1. Research – You can always Google search specific queries as well that relate to writing influential headlines that will get your site noticed. This will return a number of positive pages with accompanying titles that you can use as stepping stones for creating your own.

  1. Further Tips – Once you have done your appropriate research and thought about what people the content is aimed at you must then begin writing the headline. Google will have given you terms at the bottom of your query search that relate to your article so you can play around with these terms. The customers need to be enthused by what your title says or claims to do. You should also include specific phrases that are relevant to the season of year to narrow down search results.

Below is a great example of a successful article. When you search for “Examples of CRM systems” in this article is no. 1 and since there are quite a few searches for this phrase the article is getting a lot of hits.


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