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7 Reasons to Stop Marketing!
Until you put into practice, during the summer months, the following 7 cornerstones to your marketing, you will be wasting every penny you spend.


Why Is Recession Proof Marketing Bullshit?
There is a lot of hype today about recession proof marketing, personally, based on the results I’ve seen, I believe it’s a bullshit claim! You must become more inventive to attract more leads on a smaller budget.


Multiply Your Marketing Results – Exponentially!
Can you imagine what it would be like if you could exponentially increase the return you get for every marketing Euro spent?


7 “Bees” for Successful Networking
During an economic downturn, people can be far more cautious. So what can you see yourself doing today, using the very best techniques that cost you nothing, to survive and even prosper?


Stop Being Invisible
Unless you talk about value in your communication, people will shut their eyes to features, or even benefits, unless they can clearly see what’s in it for them. So how can you use language to get your fair share of sales?


Is an Excellent & Engaging MC Essential for your Event’s Success?
You have an impressive line up of speakers, and you have managed to fill all the seats at your event, so how can you ensure that your event is an outstanding success?

How can YOUR customers benefit from giving YOU referrals?
We all know that the very best lead you can get into your business is a referral. When someone is referred to your business by someone that they know and respect, they are already open to your offering.


How Effective Is Your Advertising
What are the main benefits of measuring your advertising campaigns? Advertising is an area where the effectiveness of its spending is being widely discussed. Do you know the difference between effectiveness and efficiency?



Vikings with Machine Guns: Is your Unique Value Proposition, unique in your customer’s eyes?
What would Brian Boru have done faced with 10th century marauders wielding 20th century weapons? He would not have had a hope! That is what imagery does for marketing.



Should you use NWP (not to be confused with NLP) in your business marketing?
Do you want to have qualified leads, pouring in? What would that do for your business? How many leads do you need to achieve the goals you set when you started your business?



Fishing for leads – the 5 steps
I had an experience during my summer holidays, when I went out fishing for mackerel. After the trip, I had an epiphany – I felt I was now able to explain easily, in 5 steps, how small companies can effectively increase their business.



A Zero Cost Technique to Triple Your Response
Ok, so you have your marketing message sorted now. You are speaking about what your prospects want. It is clear that you have a competitive advantage, and what you are offering presents great value.



In 17 steps, Create Marketing Messages that will Double your Sales
You know what your products do and how they do it, but do your potential customers know? Do they know what your solution enables them to do and how to put a value on it?



Create Winning Adverts in 15 Minutes
Why is it that two seemingly similar ads, in the same paper get startlingly different response rates? What makes great advertising copy?



Marketing: Don’t they know it’s good for them?
Sometimes even convincing your nearest and dearest, to do something, you know will benefit them, can seem impossible. Now try doing that to strangers! That is what marketing seems like to most business owners.


How Does networking RAISE your Revenue?
As they get more successful in business, it is said that people’s networks grow. This happens through word of mouth from satisfied customers. But how did they get their customers in the first place.



How to successfully launch a new product or service
Companies decide to launch new products for a variety of reasons. If you have already decided to launch a new product or complimentary service, this article will guide you through the steps to guarantee its success.



What should my marketing budget be?
Getting the most from a limited marketing budget is quite a challenge for the average small business owner. I always ask how much they spent last year – and how much business did that bring in. Can you answer that question?



CRM: Why Ask the Customer’s Opinion?
The general perception of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has matured in the last few years, with potential users of CRM ensuring that people and processes form part of an implementation.



Revealed: the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool
There is one lead generation strategy that out performs all others exponentially. This strategy is so powerful that when applied in a systematic fashion, to an existing business, it will more than double your profit.




Spending Money On Marketing is a Waste of Time
You must attract your potential customer’s interest in less than seven seconds. If you don’t, you will have wasted every Euro spent. Yes, that is right, just 7 seconds for the headline and subtext, to hook your potential client.



Assign marketing budgets that break the bank!
Profit is achieved by maximising your margin on increased sales. Spending money on marketing wisely will mean your costs can be contained, while sales revenues increase. But how do you do that?



Introducing ADSPORT, the lead generation phenomenon that really delivers
Do your wish you knew how to generate qualified sales leads? This article describes ADSPORT, the lead generation program, which uses 7 key lead generation strategies.