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January 31, 2019

Important SEO Trends in 2019

Changes are always happening in the SEO world. Search engines tirelessly tweak their algorithms to ensure that they deliver the best results to their users’ queries. […]
January 15, 2019

Local SEO – Do You Need Google My Business?

Yes, you need Google My Business (GMB), especially if you own a local company. This tool can help you keep up with or even outdo your […]
December 27, 2018

Year-End SEO Tasks You Must Do

SEO work does not stop after you’ve optimised your website or launched a campaign. You do not just sit around and wait for things to happen. […]
October 31, 2018

How to Rank High on Local Searches

It is not impossible for local businesses like yours to compete with large brands and emerge victorious. The key is to have a local SEO strategy […]
October 31, 2018

Does Mobile-First Indexing Affect Rankings on Desktops?

Mobile-first indexing is one of Google’s many initiatives that focuses on making mobile browsing experience better for users. In March, the search engine giant announced that […]
September 30, 2018

Local SEO – Top Factors Affecting It

Going toe to toe with big and established companies may appear to be a Herculean task for small businesses. This notion is understandable considering the money […]
September 30, 2018

Effective SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

SEO campaigns can help small businesses increase the visibility of their site, generate more traffic and gain new customers. When properly executed, these campaigns can even […]
August 31, 2018

Local SEO Ranking – Is It Affected by Google Reviews?

Optimising websites for local search should be a priority for small business owners like you. This marketing strategy can help you compete with bigger, more popular […]
August 31, 2018

Tips on Protecting Your Website from Negative SEO

When we talk about SEO, what immediately comes to mind are search engine rankings and the different strategies to propel a website at the top of […]