SEO Tips for Irish SMEs Part 2
SEO Tips for Irish SMEs Part 2
December 15, 2019
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SEO Ireland – Why Build a Website on Google Sites
January 15, 2020
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SEO Packages – Choosing the Right One for Your Business

SEO Packages – Choosing the Right One for Your Business

SEO is a digital marketing tool that your organisation, whether it is a one-man brand or an established company, needs to invest in. Businesses that are able to leverage SEO outperform their competitors – reaching more potential clients, building their reputation and increasing their profits.

Optimising a website is more than just improving earnings; it is about securing the future of your organisation. In this age, using search engines has become an integral part of every buyer’s journey.

Did you know:

At least, 5.5 billion searches are made on Google each day totalling around 2 trillion queries per year.

People go to Google or Bing to look for general information (“what is SEO” or “best painting company in Ireland”) or specific ones (contact information or address of company X).

Appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs) increases your company’s chance of widening its reach and making a sale. This is because a significant chunk of users prefers organic search results. In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of website traffic comes from organic search.

However, it is not enough for an organisation to simply appear on SERPs. To ensure that people find your brand, your website should be on the front page of SERPs.


According to a report from Hubspot, around 75% of Internet users never go beyond the first page of search results. Moreover, the first page is said to receive over 90% of search clicks.

Clearly, not having an effective SEO strategy can be costly. It can put your business at a disadvantage, even jeopardise its future.

Hiring SEO Specialists

Creating and implementing SEO campaigns that deliver results require expertise. These things demand knowledge and skills which aren’t acquired overnight. It takes time and repeated practise to master this digital marketing strategy.

Keep in mind:

It may seem easy, but website optimisation is complex and laborious. It is an ever-evolving field where search engine companies regularly introduce algorithm changes.

Suffice to say, optimising a website is a task that is not meant for amateurs. To get the results you want, you must let professionals do the job. You have to choose SEO specialists with a proven track record of helping clients rank high on SERPs and more importantly, build your brand.

Choosing the Right SEO Package

Aside from hiring a reputable company to optimise your site, you also have to pick a good SEO package. Doing this can be tricky given the different options available. Further making the selection complicated is the fact that different SEO companies offer varying packages. So, while a company may have a package that is priced the same as other’s, the inclusions may be different.

It is imperative that you get the right SEO package – one that provides what your business needs and helps you attain your marketing goals.

Basically, there are numerous SEO packages available today. There are firms offering what’s called an SEO starter bundle. This type of package is for websites that have not been optimised yet. Here, the SEO company lays down the foundation for the SEO work – researching keywords, reviewing your content, doing technical SEO, etc.

Another type of package is the SEO monthly. Compared to the starter package which is typically a one-off thing, this involves on-going work. It entails the creation and implementation of SEO strategies that would help you gain more leads and sales. The other services included in this package are monitoring of keyword performance regularly, fixing technical issues, updating the site to keep up with algorithm changes, content writing and monthly reporting amongst others.

Ideally, for as long as you hire a trusted SEO firm, their starter package should be able to help your website be SEO-friendly. It should be noted, however, that establishing a strong online presence and consistently ranking high on SERPS require ongoing work. It is not a one-off thing that delivers instant results.

Hence, it is highly recommended for business owners like you to invest in a monthly SEO package for your site to be continuously developed. This type of package offers the best value for your business, enabling it to naturally improve its ranking on SERPs and build its reputation.

Looking for customisable SEO packages? Whether you run a startup, an established company, a one-man enterprise or a local business, we have an SEO package that will meet your needs. Call us today on +353 (0) 1 960 9023!




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