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December 11, 2006
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ADSPORT – the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

ADSPORT - the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

Hello, people!Christmas is approaching and as I also want to celebrate it in the family circle, I am coming home, back to Slovakia.

Therefore this is the last posting of my internship series. However, my acting with 3R Sales & Marketing has not finished yet and I am coming back on the St. Valentine’s day. I will continue with my blog as well, so please let me know any advice or views on it.

Today I would like to introduce a set of tactics called ADSPORT. Have you ever heard about it? Probably not, as it is a new lead generation tool invented by Peter Lawless himself (what I was really surprised when I found it out…).

You know, in order to increase the number of your leads you can use loads of various techniques – starting with TV advertising up to cold calling or newsletter campaigns… All these techniques can be digestedly set into 7 tactics:

Direct Mail

I will be soon working on a complete list of as much as possible techniques which belong to the particular categories. The list of all these will be then available at 3R Sales & Marketing website.

When you think in range of ADSPORT you will not forget anything important when planning your lead generation campaign implementation. However, this tool can be sufficient only if you do mind such issues as proper targeting and finding appropriate niche market, which is one of the most important steps you should undertake in order to bring your business up. Then you should not forget to take a look at your own offering and ask about the reason people buy it.Having these questions answered, together with your initial complex marketing strategy, you can benefit from using ADSPORT lead generation. Wish you good luck!

So that is all for now, enjoy your life and in February I am back again with something new for me and maybe also for you!


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