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August 3, 2005
August 17, 2005
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What is the buying motive?

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great week. I sure did.

Yesterday, after a networking meeting in which I represented 3R in Dublin, I had the opportunity to visit the capital. I was surprised by its small size which made it very convinient to walk around. It really is a nice city by Greystones -where we are located- is more relaxing.

This week I have continued to study the work of the internet marketing expert. I have also worked on the lead generation project (researching all the Irish vertical industry publications that exist). I finally just participated in a sales assessment by phone in which Peter helped the owner with some great advices (for free).

This week, I offer this tip: Selling is all about the buying motive. If you can’t uncover it, you will never be able to make a sell, even if you have the best presentation in the world! What are the purchaser’s motive(s)? If you uncover that, success is guaranteed! And you will discover it through questionning, not telling! (hey, that’s two tips in one week…I’ve got to stop!).

See you in a week and all the best until then,

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