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December 3, 2016
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How To Optimise for the Latest Local Search

One reason your local search optimisation may not be yielding the desired results is that it is not up to date. Search engines alter their algorithms a lot, and digital marketers have to keep up. The most recent update from Google is Possum, and its biggest effect has been on local results. Whether you are marketing a personal blog or company website, local SEO makes a lot of difference. Investing in local search optimisations will also contribute to the visibility of your physical store. Even when visiting brick and mortar stores, customers still search businesses online first. So, how can a marketing consultant help with the latest trends?

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Business Listings

My Local Business listings have become extremely vital when optimising for local. When local users search for a product or service offered by your company, the business listing will be part of the SERP. However, since the update, listing of businesses on Google has shifted a bit. For the purpose of reducing spam, the search engine is filtering out listings of companies with the same address. So, if you rent a building with individuals who operate the same type of business like yours, you may have a problem appearing on SERPs. One way to fix that is to have each business submit its license to the search engine. The trick of using a virtual office just to have an address would be useless; hence, the need for a professional.

Voice Search

The increased demand for mobile use has brought with it the concept of voice search. Search engines have recognised this need as well and are making it possible to understand natural language. It means that users don’t have to limit themselves to specific keywords to get the relevant results. A searcher can just ask, “Where can I find an Italian Restaurant in London?” The SERPs would include all the suitable results because the search engine has guessed the intent of the user. The impact of this is that a website owner doesn’t have to concentrate too much on getting the keyword string right when bidding. It is about creating searchable content with special attention to informational queries.

Invest in Online Directories

It may seem inconsequential but online directories make all the difference when optimising for local search. A majority of consumers use these directories to pinpoint specific businesses. With sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor offering reviews and testimonials, online users also utilise them for recommendations. When getting a product/service for the first time, a second and third opinion goes a long way. Even with local listings on Google or any other search engine, having profiles on other directories will boost your visibility. A marketing consultant can help you find the most suitable site for your niche and publish worthy content.

Maintaining an edge in the local business front is not always easy because various companies are competing for the same target audience. You improve your local presence online while adhering to the latest search engine up standards with the aid of our SEO consultants.

To learn more about how to Optimise for latest Local Search please call us now on 019609023.


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