Define Your Unique Customer Value Proposition


Customer Value PropositionCustomer Value Proposition DefinitionAre you confident that your customers and prospects really know the value of your offerings? To realise where you add real value and then translate it into their way of thinking, contact us today.


Take the next step to success now and make sure that you are actually targeting the correct clients in the correct markets with messages that they want to respond to you with their wallets.

What Will You Get with Customer Value Proposition?

When you know exactly how your customers value your products or services, marketing and selling becomes remarkably rewarding.

So who needs this workshop to boost their profit to the next level?

  • Success oriented business owners who want to avail of the very best expertise to truly sky rocket their earnings
  • Established companies who wish to grow, but seem to have reached a brick wall
  • Start-up companies who need expertise to align their marketing messages

Just imagine how your business would explode if you could:

  • Understand your customers’ needs, wants and pains
  • Target your messages precisely on your required markets
  • Align your corporate strategy with your customer’s core requirements
  • Know how to beat the competition
  • Have a sound basis for all your sales and marketing activities

Key Benefits

  • Effective business development strategy to enter or further expand your business
  • Knowledge that you are actually doing the right thing – sometimes you do need a second opinion
  • A third party verification that you can bring to the bank or investors to enable you to raise funds to expand
  • Discover immediately which products, territories and customers sets are unprofitable
  • Determine precisely how much your prices could increase while retaining your existing customers
  • You will know exactly what your customers’ expectations are and how they calculate the value of your offerings
  • Clearly understanding the value that your customers get from your offerings, could mean that you are charging way to little

How We Work with You

The best way to create your unique Customer Value Proposition is through the workshop format. We traditionally do this for specific companies, using our proven work book and facilitation. On some occasions however we have run “Lite” versions for multiple companies.

  • You will get some homework to do a couple of days in advance of the workshop. It is vital that at least the business owner, head of sales, head or marketing, head of service and head of product is present. We also understand that one person may wear one or all of the preceding hats!
  • We typically require a ½ day of your time for each offering to each market.
  • Using our 3R™ Workbook, we will guide you through the session, asking you probing questions to get you to really think like your customer.
  • You will use the workbook, to write down all of the vital data gathered during the session.
  • Upon completion of the session, based on the in depth knowledge gained, we will help you create 3-4 compelling marketing messages that you will use in your future sales and marketing collateral.
  • In many cases Companies like you, ask us then to test this with their own clients and prospects, before preparing their marketing plan and budget.

Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many people are finding it tough to speak the language of their customers!