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October 8, 2007
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October 15, 2007
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Marketing glasses

Marketing Glasses

If you were a marketing consultant, could you imagine how you would view your customers, would there be any difference?

How we view the world can often be different from how the person beside you sees it. Just as some people may be colour blind and not see colours as you see them, could there be any way that you see the world differently from your prospects?

I mean why can’t they see the amazing benefits of your offering?

So possibly rather than trying to change how you see them, maybe you could look at how they view things, understand them and then present your product so that they can now see it clearly.

It seems so simple, yet it sometimes takes a prescription in your marketing glasses to help you See clearly.

As you become aware of the limitations of what may not have worked as well as you know it could, sooner or later you may start to wonder if there is help out there for you.

Knowing that help could boost your response rates and drive your revenue figures even higher may soon have you asking the question;

Why don’t I just send an email now and see if I could get the help I need – help that will be worth 10 times more than it costs – just imagine how that could be a great Christmas present to yourself.

Enjoy, see the world clearly now and most of all have fun making money.

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