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Thanks to 3R, my website now looks much better, with relevant and updated marketing information on what exactly I do for my clients.
John Prendergast, Owner,

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Thanks to 3R, my website now looks much better, with relevant and updated marketing information on what exactly I do for my clients.
John Prendergast, Owner,

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You probably have a website at this stage. You might be getting something out of it, but for some reason you expected more when you were getting it done. What is the main goal for your website? Is it leads, sales, social likes?

Now think about a specific number. Say it. That's what you want.

If you are looking for an SEO consultant, you must make sure they understand how important it is for you to get to this goal. They will be helping you with your SEO rankings, website content, making sure people will contact you or buy from you directly.

You might have already worked with an "SEO expert" from Ireland, UK or India, but all they did was list your website in a few spammy directories. And you are disappointed. This is not real SEO.

True SEO is not just about hits and rankings, it's about creating content-rich websites which will come up in Google exactly at the time when people need them. You will understand the decision-making process of your potential customers from start to hitting the "Buy Now" button and you will be able to lead them through your website so that they will contact YOU.

It all starts with understanding which keywords are the best, which keywords people who will become your customers actually search for on Google. Then we will make sure your website is set up to rank well for these keywords and what happens next is also of tremendous importance - what you say on your website, how you structure it, will it be easy enough for your future customers to understand? And where are your contact details, your testimonials, product reviews or images?

The potential is huge, let's now use it to the max.

emember that number you said was your goal? And you know what? Since we have worked with a good few Irish websites, we now can do it pretty quickly and it's not that expensive as you might think. So how much would you be happy to spend in order to get to your goal?

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3R provided us with excellent personal approach, giving us much more than expected, providing us with hugely beneficial advice on how to enhance our website effectiveness and promote our holiday apartments online. Now I am glad to say that within last 3 months, our online bookings from Irish visitors increased by 300%.
Ajinder Toor, Director, Marbella Resorts, Renting Luxury Beachfront Holiday Apartments