Make your presence felt by being seen and heard in a profitable way.

Unless you talk about value in your communication, people will shut their eyes to features, or even benefits, unless they can clearly see what’s in it for them.

So how can you use language to be powerfully influential to ensure that you can prevent negative impacts from the recession and get more than your fair share of sales?

If you are curious enough to find out, then you will decide to make the effort to read the rest of this article. Because if you don’t, you won’t know how much you could really benefit from some of the simple concepts, which you will learn and put into practice, will you?

Many of you who have been on either the Blue Print for Success or the Kick-Start your Marketing workshops will already be aware of the importance of deciding to create a value based message.

Some people call this a value proposition, since once you clearly know who your customers are and you know where to find them and know the messages that will clearly resonate with them; you have made the first step to making marketing easier and more effective.

I was with someone, the other day, who had spent a lot of money on failed advertising, he told me that advertising does not work. And he was right; no matter how much you spend, if your message is wrong or is not heard by the right people who feel you are helping them get value, your money will be wasted.

So many people react during the impending recession by just shutting down on marketing, because they don’t want things to get worse.

Yet, some people who get the message “bang on”, spend more and their results really start to increase. They get far more leads and then once they know how to stop selling and start helping their customers buy, their sales and profits increase.

So how will you decide to stop being invisible and start learning how to communicate powerfully and effectively?

It would be easy, possibly even trite of me to say “contact us now to see how much we can help your communication and thereby help you grow and be successful” so I won’t say that.

What I will say is “listen to your messages from your customer’s perspective and see if you can feel that your proposition offers a reason for them to contact you!”

So how can you do a quick check to see if you are communicating effectively, apart from looking at your leads, conversions and profits?

Ask your customers what your key messages mean to them.

And the best way to know how they got value from you, is to ask them for a testimonial. If you would like to look at how some of our customers already got great value, then you may be interested in looking at the 3R testimonials.

Every industry is different, yet the principles of marketing are the same. We have created a range of marketing programs, to enable business target their most profitable niches, with messages that will turn them into eager buyers. Why not avail of our Sales & Marketing Assessment to see if we have a program for you and your top 3 niches. The assessment takes 15 minutes, and is free with no obligation on your part.

This article, is one of many articles written by Peter Lawless of 3R, Marketing Consultant, Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Public Speaker and Communication Specialist to hundreds of companies.