Can you imagine what it would be like if you could exponentially increase the return you get for every marketing Euro spent? If you have ever gone fishing for mackerel you will probably be aware that on each line there are many hooks, this means every time you cast your line into the sea the number of fish you can catch is multiplied by the number of hooks on your line.

There is a way that you can apply this technique to your marketing so that each campaign is aimed not just at one prospect but many prospects for the same price.

Find out how you can multiply your marketing results today.

The secret to getting this magnified effect on your marketing is to discover your “customer’s watering hole”. You probably already know where all your customers must gather from time to time, just like the watering hole the hunter waits for the game beside.

There is an old saying which goes “you will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”, so it probably makes sense to start thinking about what is the type of honey that will attract your customers and where is the best place to put it, so they will find it.

The reason animals and game can always be found at the watering hole is because they need water to stay alive. So you should ask yourself the question, “what are my customer’s needs that must get on a periodic basis, in order for them to function?

While some of you might want at this stage to book a blueprint for success workshop, others might well be able to figure this out for themselves. To go back to our earlier analogy, the honey that will magnetically attract your clients to you, is in fact your value proposition or as some of you may know it by, your unique selling proposition.

Once you have created this compelling message, which appeals at an emotional level, to your client’s desires or to help your client move away from some pains, the next step is to determine precisely how to present this message to get the most impact.

Let me give you an example. If your customers were accountants or accountancy practices, it might be a good idea to attend meetings specifically for accountants. This way everybody that you meet would be a potential prospect for your service. Let us say the proposition that you have, will enable accountants to increase their fee income. It might be a very good idea to have a question which you will pose to any accountant you might meet, which will get them to start thinking about how you can deliver something that they want. The question might go like this; “if there was a proven way that has worked with many other accountancy practices, to increase your fee income, how interested would you be?

Specialist conferences might be a good opportunity to network with these accountants, however you still have not yet found their watering hole, so it’s probably a good idea to understand what each member of the accounting profession must do every year. Accountants in order to retain their professional qualification must attend, what is known as CPD, which a set number of hours of professional development.

So if you were able to partner with a CPD provider who would meet all of these accountants who must undergo this training and thus make your offer through the partner, then all your marketing efforts would be focused through the CPD provider which is in effect the accountant’s watering hole.

Each target group of your customers will have one or more watering holes so it is your responsibility to know your customers well enough to understand precisely where or what those watering holes are. If you are still having difficulty in ascertaining this, please then book your blue print for success workshop, where you will not only discover the marketing message to attract clients, you will find out how to precisely word your questions using psychology and most importantly you will find out where to use these new found skills.

This article was written by Peter Lawless of 3R sales and Marketing. Being in a position to Multiply Your Marketing Results, will be accelerated when you become a client of the 3R™ Success Framework, which has been used successfully with small and medium sized businesses for years, helping them survive and grow.