Sometimes even convincing your nearest and dearest, to do something, you know will benefit them, can seem impossible. Now try doing that to strangers! That is what marketing seems like to most business owners. So do you do it? How do you create your message? By questioning existing customers who are similar to the ones you are going to market to.

I am sure you have all heard how people learn things. The law of tell, show and involve;

1. If you are told something, you might remember 1-2%.

2. If you see something, you will probably remember over 10%.

3. However, being involved in a situation, the chances are in excess of 50%.

We are after all the sum of our experiences.

So let’s take the nearest and dearest theme. We all know that fire is hot; it can burn you and is dangerous. But do small children really understand this. So we tell them, we even shout at them, but they just don’t get it.

We bring them up to a fire and show them the crackling logs, and how they are burning, and tell them it could be them. Yes, some recognition of danger!

So we need to involve them. Now please do not go and ram your two year old child’s hand into the fire. Demonstrate to them; show them how something goes from cold to warm, and then to hot. Let them feel the stages. Gradually build it up so it is too hot to touch.

They have been involved they understand it.

Marketing is very similar. Once you have an idea how someone is going to react to a message, you need to involve them.

How do you create the message? Through questioning existing customers who are similar to the ones you are going to market to. Find out what they react to, what they want, and how they go about buying things.

And base your message on that. So how do you involve them? Certainly not by telling them what you do, or even shouting it. Remember, they just don’t know they want it yet.

So ask them a few questions, get them to relate to their own problems, issues and desires. Get them to commit to an action; it could be as simple as signing up to a newsletter, where they can start to build a level of confidence in what you do. A car sales person will bring them for a test drive.

The more you do for that person, they more they will trust you and respect what it is you have to offer. After all, all you have done is modeled what you did really well for one customer, and helped others understand the enormous benefits of doing the same themselves.

Bottom line, is don’t assume that your prospects even know how great your product might be, involve them, and they will end up telling you why they want it.

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