How to Write SEO Titles That Sell Even Before People Visit Your Website

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November 2, 2016
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How to Write SEO Titles That Sell Even Before People Visit Your Website

Whether you dabble in blogging or work in copywriting, summarizing hundreds of words into an attention-grabbing title can be tough.

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Focus on Their Needs

People are usually motivated by three innate needs: aspiration, affiliation and identity.

Ask anyone who works in sales or advertising and they will tell you that the first question a customer or reader asks themselves is, “What’s in it for me?” As humans, we want instant gratification.

Giving your target audience a reason why they should listen will draw them in and leave them wanting more.


what’s the key focus of your content? That’s exactly what your title should reflect.

Keep in mind that approximately 80 percent of people only read the headline and then move onto something else. If that is true, it’s imperative to be as specific as possible so your target audience can quickly identify what your content is about and how it applies to them.

Finding the Right Balance

Writers often fall into one of two traps: being too catchy or being too straightforward. When you are too creative, you may lose the primary focus of your content within all your quirky anecdotes. On the other hand, if you are too direct, you may appear dry and boring. Try to find an equal balance between the two by giving your title enough personality to entice readers while clearly explaining what the article is about.

No Cliches

Above of all else, stay away from cliches. You may think that they make you sound witty, but if they were effective, everyone you know would be a successful writer. Reinvent yourself and find a new way to describe your chosen topic. People who stop to read what you have to say will be pleasantly surprised and are more likely to stick around.

Easy on the SEO

Whether you think that we need to write for people or for search engines, SEO is an important element to include in your title. And while keywords are important when trying to rank higher on Google, you also need to write for your audience. When you speak directly to your target audience, they are more inclined to read what you’ve written.

Use an Active Voice

When you write with a passive voice, it can appear unnecessarily wordy and awkward. Cut to the chase by writing with an active voice. In addition, try to eliminate extraneous words to make your title more enticing.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Arsenal

Readers want to be entertained. They want to know that you have the answers to their questions. Draw them in by writing something that is fascinating and meaningful.

There are a lot of different title and headline formulas that will work when trying to capture attention. Start building your toolbox of content for when writer’s block hits you. Put yourself in the reader’s position and think about what would appeal to you.

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