Your WordPress Website Redesign Funded by LEO Trading Online Voucher

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Your WordPress Website Redesign Funded by LEO Trading Online Voucher

Your WordPress Website Redesign Funded by LEO Trading Online Voucher

Not having a website these days is a disadvantage, especially since 59% of Irish consumers value being able to shop online. According to a 2019 report, many of them use e-commerce sites mainly to purchase electronics and clothes.

But a lot has surely changed in just a year because of COVID-19. Nowadays, most people buy food and other grocery items online as this is the safest and most convenient option during this pandemic. Before this health crisis, consumers in Ireland preferred going to brick and mortar stores.

Hiring Professionals for Your WordPress Website Redesign

Clearly, a website is a powerful tool that can help you widen your customer base provided that it is designed and advertised well.

But simply putting up a website is not enough. It needs to help you achieve your business goals; otherwise, it is merely a digital calling card.

So, if your website is not getting enough traffic and generating revenue, it might be time to redesign it. To ensure that you get exactly the kind of WordPress website your business needs, you should hire a trusted web design company in Ireland.

Enlisting the help of professionals is not just about getting excellent results but also about being able to have the time to take care of other essential matters for your company.

In one survey, 28% of SME owners say that lack of time is the top reason why they are unable to leverage the Internet, and this includes maintaining a website. There are also those who have apprehensions because of the cost.

But you should not worry about these things as help is available. You can hire professionals to design your site. You can also fund your website redesign using government grants.

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Trading Online Voucher – The Grant You Need for Your WordPress Website Redesign

One grant that you can apply for is the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) that is handled by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO). Sometimes referred to as LEO voucher, the TOV was launched to support the Government’s plan to position Ireland as one of the leaders in the e-commerce industry.

This scheme was primarily designed to help SMEs have the tools needed to trade online. This includes website development, whether it is to build one or redesign it.

With this scheme, SMEs can receive up to €5,000 in two grants amounting to €2,500 each. Initially, the TOV was a one-time incentive that was worth €2,500. But it was expanded in April to help small and medium businesses cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Under the expanded trading online voucher scheme, companies that have received the grant in the past may apply for a second voucher. Just like the first voucher, the second one amounts to up to €2,500 or 90% of eligible expenditure, whichever is lower.

In essence, the TOV significantly cuts your total expenses as you would just be paying for 10% of the total website redesign cost.

The voucher also comes with free training on building your company’s digital assets, from developing a website to SEO (search engine optimisation. The learning sessions are meant to help you make an informed decision, specifically in choosing which online trading tools is best for your business.

How to Use the Trading Online Voucher for Your WordPress Website Redesign

To apply for the incentive, you have to meet certain criteria. The best way to determine if you are eligible is to contact the LEO that has jurisdiction over your company. You may also be asked to attend a TOV seminar in case you have not completed one yet in the past 9 months.

Next, look for a trusted company in Ireland that offers WordPress website redesign. Schedule a consultation with them.

Aware of what the TOV is, a reputable company can give advice on how your business can use the grant to improve your website. They can give suggestions on what upgrades or revisions need to be done for you to have a ‘website that sells’.

Most reputable website design companies in Ireland offer free, no-strings-attached consultation. But make sure that you ask the company about it before you set an appointment.

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Also, do not be pressured to work with the firm that you talked to first. You should select a provider based on their proposal – what their plans are for your company. Ultimately, you want a firm that is going to provide the upgrades your website needs for your business to be competitive.

Once you’ve chosen a company, what you have to do next is to request for a quotation as this is one of the documents you need to submit to the LEO.

Next, fill out the application and prepare all the requirements. Make sure that you have everything needed and that you followed the steps accordingly.

Competition is stiff as thousands of companies are applying for this grant. Last year, there were a total of 1,218 applications. But this year, there were already 3,962 applications from mid-March to early June alone.

So, if you want to improve your chances of getting the grant, file your application ASAP and do everything right.

Are you planning to fund your WordPress website redesign using the LEO Trading Online Voucher? Let us help you use the grant to have a website that delivers the results you want. Call 01 960 9023 to get your free consultation today.

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