Why Conducting a Customer Survey Could Double Your Profits

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February 5, 2008
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February 18, 2008
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Why Conducting a Customer Survey Could Double Your Profits

Customer Surveys

At first glance the thought of doubling your profits might even seem quite exciting. You may even ask how is that possible and if I were to tell you the three critical factors that will lead to this increase you might even be interested, mightn’t you?What you will really get when either you or someone like 3R conducts a customer survey is the following highly valuable information:

  1. What your customers really value about your offering – this will lead to a much stronger value proposition and hopefully a collection of customer testimonials that will make your marketing efforts highly rewarding and lucrative.
  2. What additional products you may offer, you customer might actually be interested in – by asking the right questions to someone who already values you as a supplier, you could ask a few more pertinent questions that will create additional sales opportunities for you.
  3. What other people that your customer knows, could be interested in your products – yes, you guessed it the good old referral question that 90% of people never ask, just sit and hope for!

This article will show you some of the questions to ask and how to ask them. Of course it would help if you have already identified what you think your value proposition is by deciding to book your BluePrint for Success Workshop, because then you will definitely ask the right questions in your survey and you will truly see your sales soar.

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