Why Conducting a Customer Survey Could Double Your Profits
February 11, 2008
11 Reasons why Selling Sucks!
February 27, 2008
Why Conducting a Customer Survey Could Double Your Profits
February 11, 2008
11 Reasons why Selling Sucks!
February 27, 2008
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What is the Most Important Thing in Your Life?

BluePrint for Success

Could you please take a minute now and think what really matters in your life? And I know that it’s not money, it’s not your product, it’s not even your business. For me, it’s not marketing (although I am addicted to it).

Now, if you think you could concentrate more on the most important thing in your life when you approach a professional marketing consultant and increase your sales without a big hassle, we would be happy to help you spend the precious time and energy you have effectively, in the way that suits your priority values.

So why would you bother with marketing?

Marketing is above all a service. It is a way companies inform people about their offerings. Marketeers make MDs and CEOs spend money on one-way communication with their customers so that potential consumers understand the benefits they could have using various products.

Similarly, selling is also a service. You should never sell something unless you are totally convinced that you would buy it yourself.

Namely the word ‘sales’ comes from a Norwegian word ‘selga’ which means ‘serve greatly’. Is it clearer now? So stop selling and start SERVING your customers – help them to get where THEY WANT to go. This is the recent trend in sales and, although not easy an approach at all, it really works.

How can 3R help?

In 3R, we deal with effective marketing, sales and coaching so that companies learn how they should market their products in a non-pushy way that leads them to:

  • Revenue growth,
  • Reduction in cost,
  • Regulatory compliance.

As the notion of an international networking group called BNI reads, ‘Givers gain’. So at the end of the day marketing and sales, when done properly, will bring you the reward you deserve, not only in terms of happy customers, but also in terms of increased revenues and profits.

What is it that we live?

People usually work so that they can live. They try to find out what to do in order to earn as much as possible. By contrast, I have heard that we should not do something for living, instead, we should live. So what is it that you want to do in your life, regardless how much money it will bring you?

Luckily enough, I am in marketing which I really like doing and usually I don’t even feel that I am working – in 3R Sales and Marketing it’s more like playing all day!

Furthermore, there is a strong pursuit for growth in our company. ‘Learn something new every day’ has been a notion of 3R and we really live up to it. So if you would like to learn more now about how you can spend your time doing something really valuable, instead of struggling with sales and marketing yourself, call us today.

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