Customer Surveys increase Customer Satisfaction


Customer Surveys IrelandMarketing SurveysCustomer Surveys are run by companies who want to increase their profits by delivering superior Customer Experience – do you know precisely what your customer think of you? Contact us today.


Customer surveys can be run online, over the telephone or face-2-face. At the same time why not let us gather testimonials and case studies, so you can market your company better!

What Will You Get when You Run Customer Surveys?

Just imagine how your business would explode if you could:

  • Understand your customers’ needs, wants and pains
  • Target your messages precisely on your required markets
  • Align your corporate strategy with your customers’ core requirements
  • Constantly improve your services according to what your customers really value
  • Communicate with your customers in a way that they welcome

Who will benefit the most from Conducting a Customer Survey?

  • Established companies who wish to grow, but seem to have lost strong relationships with customers
  • Start-up companies who need expertise to polish their products/services according to prospects’ expectations
  • Sports clubs (golf clubs, tennis clubs, sailing clubs etc.) who are keen to understand what their members really value and how to act upon their requirements

Key Benefits

What you will really get when either you or someone like 3R conducts a customer survey is the following highly valuable information:

  • What your customers really value about your offering – this will lead to a much stronger value proposition and hopefully a collection of customer testimonials that will make your marketing efforts highly rewarding and lucrative.
  • What additional products you may offer, you customer might actually be interested in – by asking the right questions to someone who already values you as a supplier, you could ask a few more pertinent questions that will create additional sales opportunities for you.
  • What other people that your customer knows, could be interested in your products – yes, you guessed it the good old referral question that 90% of people never ask, just sit and hope for!

How We Work with You

1. The best way to Start your Customer Surveys is through the BluePrint for Success Workshop. We traditionally do this for specific companies, using our proven workbook and facilitation.

  • You will get some homework to do a couple of days in advance of the workshop.
  • Using our 3R™ Workbook, we will guide you through the session, asking you probing questions to get you to really think like your customer.
  • Upon completion of the session, based on the in depth knowledge gained, we will help you create a set of questions that you will use in your customer survey and an action plan with exact steps you need to take in order to run your surveys successfully and to act upon them.

2. We will help you design an online or offline survey, according to what the BluePrint for Success reveals is more suitable.

3. You will get professional advice on how to run the surveyhow to promote it so that youget high response rate from the target audience.

4. We will analyse the data you get from your survey, and we will give you a report with an action plan based on what your customers tell you.

5. We will watch your success as you proceed with the individual steps of your action plan.

Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many people are finding it tough to survey their clients!