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SEO Audit – Does Your Website Need It?

Conducting a financial audit is defined as doing a thorough examination of an organisation’s or individual’s financial accounts. In essence, conducting an SEO audit is very similar. Inspections and investigations are done to check the overall status of a website.

What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit involves an in-depth examination of your website. It is meant to give you a better idea of how your site is performing based on its current state. Conducting an audit is essential, especially for those who do their business through their website.

This task involves a complex process that entails different types of analyses. Some of the things which are checked in an SEO audit are your website’s indexability and accessibility, content, meta-descriptions, keywords and sitemap, among others.

While there are tools available online which can help you perform the audit, it is not an easy thing to do. In fact, without the technical know-how and expertise, accomplishing this task properly and successfully may not be possible. Hence, it is highly recommended that you get the assistance of an SEO company.

Staffed with specialists, an SEO company have the expertise and the tools needed to audit your website. With an expert spearheading the audit, you can be certain about receiving a comprehensive report as well as recommendations on what you need to do to achieve definite results.

How Can an SEO Audit Benefit Your Website?

An SEO audit can give you a clear idea of how your website is performing as compared to your competitors. It provides details about what you’re doing right or wrong. To be more specific, you determine your site’s weaknesses as well as the gaps that need to be filled.

One of the issues that maybe discovered through this audit is the existence of pages or content which search engines and visitors are not able to view. It also lets you know how fast your website is and which content is not getting indexed. It shows you if you have pages in your site that aren’t updated or may even have no content at all.

Apart from understanding your site, you learn about what your competitors are currently doing right. You get an insight about their strengths and strategies. You can replicate what they are doing or use it as a reference so you can keep up or even outperform them.

In summary, an SEO audit makes it possible for you to create an overall plan on how to enhance your website to get more traffic. It gives you a clear direction in terms of what you need to do to improve your site’s performance and rankings on search engine results pages (SERP).

Admittedly, a number of site owners do not really realise the importance of conducting an SEO audit. In fact, there are those who do not know what this process is. Meanwhile, there are those who do an audit while the site is still being built but neglect to have it checked after the site is launched.

It is imperative that an audit is done on a regular basis because search engine algorithms also change regularly. The recommended frequency of an SEO audit is once or twice every year.

Lastly, reaping the benefits of this endeavour is only possible if the audit is done properly. Hence, you need to hire the right company to do the job. Otherwise, you’re just going to waste precious time and more importantly, lose the opportunity to keep your website and business competitive.

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