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July 1, 2011
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July 14, 2011
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How to Succeed at Networking Events?

Would you believe that you are probably about seven contacts away from Bill Gates? When you participate in various networking events, your chances to meet influential people who can make a big difference to your business soar.

Again, for the list of suitable networking events consult these:

  • Chambers of commerce and other business networking groups
  • Members of your associations and various organizations
  • Your customers’ “watering holes”
  • Any other relevant networking events where you might meet important people with contacts to customers

So how can you maximise the effectiveness of your networking strategy so that you win more business?

Let’s work on your 3 power questions, you will always have ready when participating at networking events:

  1. Ask them what are the issues in your they (or their friends, customers, partners etc.) are facing right now or what are their desires in the area
  2. Ask them to elaborate on that – and LISTEN to them!
  3. Ask them how can they see their issues solved

Now try to put the above in your own words.

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