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May 5, 2011
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13 Vital Metrics for Setting Marketing Budget

Are you absolutely sure that your marketing budget could not be managed better? Are you happy with the profits your marketing generates or do you often desperately chase cash?

OK, numbers might not be the most favourite area of marketing, but if you are in charge of your company, or you simply care enough for the company you work for, finance should be of major interest to you.

We all have to measure our finances, using an approved accounting system. We may hate it, but it is a requirement by law.

However, there is much more than just finance we need to measure. You should set up marketing measurement and monitoring of the at least some of, but not limited to, the following key success metrics. These need to in turn be discussed and reviewed at all of the management meetings:

  • Number of leads for the month
  • Value of leads for the month
  • Sales made for the month
  • Number of new sales
  • Value of new sales
  • Number of outstanding opportunities
  • Value of outstanding opportunities
  • Referrals gained
  • Testimonials received
  • Number of sales calls per rep
  • Number of sales calls made
  • Marketing expenditure for the month
  • Customer complaints

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