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May 26, 2006
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How to be a Super-Star in Sales

So what does it take to be a super star in IT sales? This article will examine the key ingredients required to assure success in IT Sales. The article will be of interest to CEOs, Business owners, sales managers and Sales people, since without sales, companies can not survive. A quick look at the top IT companies in the world today, will confirm that their ability to successfully market and sell their products, initially far outweighed any technical superiority that their products or services may have enjoyed.

Most of our parents would have cringed if we announced that instead of being a train-driver, we wanted to be a sales person. Luckily things are changing dramatically. While marketing as a profession has been around for a long time, the sales profession is only now coming of age. Even the Irish Computer Society has recognized its importance, by co-running a certificate and diploma in sales with the Sales institute of Ireland.

Apart from having an innate ability to get on with people, intellectual capital and a certain degree of luck, you need to have a boss, who understands the value of a good sales process. Like a manufacturing process, which automates the assembly of products, with integrated quality control, a sales process is no different. In fact the sales process, right up to a satisfactory customer installation or project completion, is a continuation of the manufacturing process.

Before you can make something, it is important that you know what it is you are making. You will probably have a model of the finished product, and know what you need to put into it in order to make it. The exact same is true for selling anything.

You need to start with what will be installed, or used by the customer. What does it look like, what benefits does it bring, along side what the customer already has.

Knowing what your customer wants to buy, makes it so easy to sell!

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