Facts About Google Ad Grants in Ireland for Non-Profit Organisations

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Facts About Google Ad Grants in Ireland for Non-Profit Organisations

When it comes to raising awareness about your Irish non-profit, building a strong online presence is a strategy you surely cannot overlook. In this so-called digital age, leveraging the Internet is key to garnering thousands, even millions, of supporters, getting more donations and recruiting more volunteers.

But becoming visible online to people who are searching for non-profits like yours is no easy feat. You need to devote some time and work with an expert. You also need to allot a substantial budget as posting ads on search engines can cost a lot. Fortunately, Google Ad grants in Ireland for non-profits are available.

Google Ad Grants in Ireland: What Exactly Are They?

Established to help non-profits flourish, these grants offer a monthly budget for online advertising, specifically using Google Ads. In effect, you get to promote your charitable institution for free on the world’s leading search engine.

Your non-profit may receive up to $10,000 USD worth of Google Ad credits per month. Aside from being able to promote your cause on Google without spending, you also get access to tools which can help you create effective campaigns.

These ads are just like Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) ads except that they are purely text-based. This means that the grant adverts cannot have images or videos on them. Moreover, they can only show up under or below paid-for ads.


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Benefits of Getting Google Ad Grants in Ireland

There is no denying that Internet presence is critical to the success of any organisation nowadays, whether it is a for-profit or non-profit type. Not having online visibility is akin to not existing – a view shared by so many people.

Using the top search engine’s online advertising solution, you can bring awareness to your cause by reaching people near you and even those residing across the globe.

What’s great about these free search ads is that they are shown to people who are looking for causes like yours. This targeted approach results in better conversion rates which can translate to more people knowing your cause or story, getting more donations and attracting new volunteers.

Achieving all these is not impossible if you employ tried and tested digital marketing strategies. Along with the free advertising budget comes access to Google’s digital marketing resources. Hence, you’ve got what you need to design successful campaigns. But if you are new to digital marketing and wary about handling this task yourself, you can hire a Google Ads consultant instead.

Will Getting Google Ad Grants in Ireland Really Help Your Non-Profit?

There is no shortage of stories on how free advertising on Google has helped charitable organisations. In fact, Google has a page showcasing testimonials from their Grantees.

When you visit this page, you would see that the list of organisations that benefitted from the grant is so diverse. You’d find groups located all over the world, championing different types of causes. Moreover, you’d see several high-profile non-profits as well as smaller organisations.

Since 2003, Google has helped over 115,000 non-profit organisations in 50 countries through its advertising grants. So far, it has given over $9 billion worth of free search ads.

The program still existing after so many years and countless non-profits sharing its positive impact on their organisation – these are clear indicators that getting the grant and using effective Google Ads strategies can tremendously benefit your non-profit.

Facts About Google Ad Grants in Ireland for Non-Profit Organisations 3

Eligibility Requirements for Google Ad Grants in Ireland

To get the grant, your non-profit should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be located or based in one of the 50 countries on Google’s list
  • Hold valid charity status in your country
  • Accept Google’s required certifications on how to receive and use the donations
  • Have a high-quality website that meets the standards of Google Ads like being on HTTPS security
  • Enrol in Google for Non-profits

Please note that, even when you get approved, there are still several requirements you need to comply with to maintain your eligibility. These technical policies are in place to help non-profit organisations maximise the performance of their ads.

For example, you have to regularly log in to your Google Ads account. Also, your ads cannot link to pages that direct visitors to other websites. When it comes to your adverts, they should reflect your organisation’s mission and not promote financial products like credit cards.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in your account getting suspended or paused. Worst, your non-profit can be removed from the program.

So, you really have to stay on top of these policies to keep the grant. But doing so can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with Google Ads. Moreover, the search engine giant regularly tweaks the rules which can make things even more challenging. As such, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professionals if you are having difficulties keeping up.

Applying for the Google Ad Grants is a great first step if you are just starting to build your non-profit’s digital presence or do not have the money to get started. While it can be complicated, posting ads on Google can tremendously help your non-profit reach more people who are willing to donate or support your cause.

Are you planning to apply for Google Ad Grants in Ireland? Or is your non-profit already part of the program but you don’t know what strategies to use? Let our experienced Google Ads specialist help you. Call us now on +353 (0) 1 960 9023 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation!


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