Business Growth with 3R™ Success Framework


Business Growth IrelandAre you looking to grow your business with a professional consultancy support?

This practical model can be applied in all or part to any business, which requires significant growth. This is especially true of High Growth sectors, like Technology and Business Service companies, who can struggle with refining their vision and go to market execution.

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Business AssessmentBusiness Assessment Phase
Before a company undergoes change or improvement, it is vital to asses precisely where you are. Knowing your strengths and what your potential customers want is half the battle. Read more…



Business StrategyBusiness Strategy Phase
Being able to deliver your offering in a consistent, profitable manner that delights your customers is the next step. Without a very clear strategic roadmap, it is impossible for any company to accurately gauge the impact that their marketing and sales efforts are actually having. Read more…


Business ImplementationExecution Phase
A vision and plan, without corresponding action is a mirage! Too many plans get left of shelves, and you are still left wondering where your leads are, where you new customers are and why your company’s revenues and profits are not increasing. Read more…



Business Monitoring Business Monitoring Phase
It’s like a Jumbo Jet en route from Dublin to New York – you need to keep adjusting the flight path continually, to ensure that when the plane lands, it is on course! However many businesses struggle with what to monitor and manage. Read more…


Benefits of 3R™ Success Framework

When a patient goes to a Dentist, either for a Check-up or because they have a sore tooth, there are normally 4 things that the dentist will do.

1. Have a look at the patient’s teeth, and refer back to notes from previous visits

2. Tell the patient what he intends to do about it

3. Take action, by fixing the problem

4. Discuss how the patient can keep his teeth in good health, and schedule a follow up visit.

Achieving a clean bill of health in your business, where you can grow profitably, should be the goal of all business owners.

Having worked with many Blue Chip, small businesses and start-ups in Ireland, UK, Europe, Asia and the US, 3R has honed its 3R™ Success Framework.

The 3R™ Success Framework is a model of the Sales and Marketing activities that all successful companies undertake. Each step, and indeed sub step is available as a stand-alone service.

Your growth ambitions dictate the pace we work at. Indeed you may have completed many of the steps already outlined, and are just looking for that extra edge.