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June 18, 2008
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June 24, 2008
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Thank you 3R Sales & Marketing!


During my last blog I just like to say thank you to 3R Sales & Marketing and its team, that is Peter Lawless (Founder of 3R Sales & Marketing) and Simona Rusnakova (Marketing Executive at 3R Sales & Marketing).

Thank you for the nice days spent together and for everything you have taught me.

Because even if we’ve worked together just for a couple of months I have really learned a lot from you, and at the end of this short period I was able to do things that I wouldn’t even dreamt about doing!

Maybe for those who don’t know them this could sound a little bit exaggerated.

But it’s not.

These guys really know how to do their job and that’s why they are so good at it!!!

This is the reason why when they state that they can teach you how to boost the traffic on your website in just a ½ day workshop you should really trust them, cause this is no lie!!

3R Sales & Marketing is a professional and really qualified company that I would recommend to anyone that needs a hand as far as marketing is concerned.

Do you think that I’m talking big?

Maybe you would like to read what our customers say about 3R Sales & Marketing .

So don’t be a fool!!

If you want to grow your business, if you need to increase your sales, if you are looking for someone who can teach you how to create your own sales plan, how to hire the right sales person or even how to give a public speech do not wait any longer!

Contact 3R Sales & marketing now and follow your own path to success!

I’d like to conclude my last post saying thank you again because working with you has been really amazing!
Hope to see you again.



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