Get More Clients with Strategic Marketing Plan


Strategic Marketing PlanBusiness Marketing PlanWithout leads that you can convert into sales you will fail. So do you know precisely where you are going to get your leads from? To get professional marketing strategic advice, contact us today.


In order to survive in today’s constantly changing and very competitive marketplace it is crucial to have a practical marketing plan which takes into account the importance of obtaining a measurable return on effort and money expended on any marketing activities.

What Will You Get with Strategic Marketing Plan?

Just imagine you had in your hand a blue print for all your marketing activities designed to bring your business to the next level that included;

  • Precisely what you want to achieve from your business in terms of financial, market share and other key goals
  • A detailed breakdown of your budget and how it should be spent to achieve maximum gain
  • A list of activities, such as advertising, PR, Direct Mail and other activities pertinent to your industry and the prospects that you are trying to reach.
  • A simple yet detailed description of how and when to do each marketing activity that will deliver the results you desire
  • A methodology to measure all of your activities so that you can easily see what brings you the best results and what needs changing to ensure you get the best value for money from your marketing spend.
  • A clear briefing document that either you or 3R can take on your behalf to the niche marketing specialists, such as graphic designers, website creators, Printers, board makers, producers, etc.

Key Benefits

  • You will know exactly what budget you should be spending and you will be able to plan your time effectively
  • You can get a good handle on how you believe your business should perform in relation to leads and sales
  • You can now start to implement your plan and see the real results as they happen
  • You can measure the effectiveness of all monies being spent and precisely on how they will impact your bottom line and affect your market share

How We Work with You

In order to create your marketing plan, we will have spent some time assessing your business, creating your customer value proposition and have met with some of your customers, partners and assessed your competition.

We will then use our experience and the information gained from the phases discussed above to create a tactical marketing plan, along with deliverables that you can use to timeline your actions and allocate your budget against.

Call phone-number now because the sooner you start, the more clients you will attract in the long run!