Why has my PageRank gone down and does it really matter these days?

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December 9, 2013
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Why has my PageRank gone down and does it really matter these days?

ID-100187856There are a number of reasons why your PageRank may have started to plummet from what was once a strong position in terms of your website’s Google search results. You may have to look at both yourself and the ever changing virtual world around you. Throughout society we as humans must constantly strive to evolve and grow stronger as a species, this very same concept can be said of online culture. If new information, techniques and technical formats are being introduced then you must adapt to these changes and incorporate them into your own work. Here are a number of possible causes for your decreasing PageRank:

  • Content quality This can be a huge factor in determining whether or not your site receives a consistently high volume of hits. If your content is of poor quality all of a sudden then your PageRank may begin to plummet as a result. People need to feel enriched by what you have to say and come away from your site feeling as if they’ve gained information.

  • Inbound links  – Frequency of activity generated to your site can be altered if links to your site grow old and disappear. If you neglect to update your website regularly it will be displaced in its Google search results and begin to drop as other sites produce new content.

  • Breach of rules – For a number of reasons your site may have had its reputation tarnished and could be punished through its PageRank. This could be due to plagiarism of other people’s content, spamming links placed all over the page, irrelevant content for pure SEO purposes, false user profiles, etc. If your site has been flagged up as inappropriate then there is a lack of trust amongst the online community in relation to your work. This is extremely hard to win back.

In relation to PageRank really mattering anymore it certainly does; at least in terms of reputation since there are still website owners who rate websites based on their PageRank.

Many people may choose not to bother analysing their site’s performance rates in as much detail as others believing that concentrating merely on hit rates per month and sales achieved are enough to become successful. However, they are unaware that to be sustainable is the most important challenge of all. Longevity is the key to achieving a prosperous site so ensuring that it remains highly ranked by Google is a way to always keep it ahead of competitors.

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