SEO Disasters: What you should know before redesigning your website

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December 9, 2013
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SEO Disasters: What you should know before redesigning your website

For businesses, good results are based on having a positive reputation. SEO results increase the more familiar your website is to the online community and within the target market. Making simple changes to your site may seem small but can have devastating consequences if not done correctly. Certain alterations can result in complete abolishment of your online presence and thus all your hard work and effort over the past months/years goes down the drain. You should always discuss any ideas to make changes with an SEO consultant since there are some simple steps to make to avoid a disaster.

  1. Will the URL Structure change? – Yes it will so you need to implement 301 redirects. This will allow you to redirect traffic that would have visited your former pages and links. In order for this to be successful you must have an inventory of all backward links. You can also audit where the links are coming from and going to afterwards using auditing tools.

  1. Will the SEO title change – This depends on you and your willingness to adopt a new website name. The content you produce will also remain a factor to SEO results. If your site represents similar characteristics to the old one in terms of headings and keywords then your SEO title can remain unchanged.

  1. Will the overall layout change – Once again, make sure you use the same keywords within the content of your pages. Do your research on who your target audience is and tailor the layout to suit them.

  1. Make sure the H1, H2, etc. headlines will be used correctly  You do not want to overload users with long search terms and constant re-navigation to new pages. Designers will not go past six headlines anyway but it is still recommended to only use up to three if possible.

  1. Make sure the image alt tags will be used – This allows viewers to read the text describing the image if they are unable to see it for some reason.

  1. Usability – speed, navigation etc. This again pertains to your target audience; how easy are that group of users going to find navigating their way around the website e.g. children and elderly people if they are your target market. You also want to make it easier for yourself as well for productivity purposes.

When you decide to redesign your entire website feel free to take these pieces of advice on board. There is no point in rushing into dismantling all your previous work without having a plan in place for the new site. Take your time and follow each step as required. Good luck!

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