Website – a Lovely Picture or a Sales Tool?
October 1, 2008
Google Ads Management – Free Advice
October 3, 2008
Website – a Lovely Picture or a Sales Tool?
October 1, 2008
Google Ads Management – Free Advice
October 3, 2008
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5 Sure-Safe Linking Strategies for Your Website

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Before we start talking about link exchange, let’s define a few terms first:

1. URL – this is the address of the page you are linking to, ie
Make sure that when you are building external links, you include the whole URL
address, also with “http://”

2. Anchor text – this is the clickable text you can see on the website that is linking to your page. This should be staffed with your keywords. For example, 3R is using Online Marketing Consultant.

3. Hyperlink title – this is a little bit into coding – but don’t be scared, it’s easy. Every hyperlink looks something like this in the HTML code:

<a href=”” title=”keyword 1, keyword 2”>Your Main Keyword</a>

Can you see the title=”keyword 1, keyword 2” there? Yes, it should be stuffed with keywords, and when you hover over such optimised hyperlink, you can see these keywords.

E.g. for 3R it would be appropriate to use something like this:

<a href=”” title=”Sales Training | Marketing Consultant | Marketing Strategy | Online Marketing“>Marketing Consultant delivering Marketing Strategy & Online Marketing</a>

When you build external links to your website effectively, you will ~

  • Increase the weight of your website in Google
  • Get new visitors from other sites
  • Become a well-known expert in your industry

Submit your website to the search engines

If you do not submit your website to the main search engines, it may take ages (literally several months) to get listed. On the other hand, some website submitting automated solutions overdo this and it can generate negative results.

Therefore I would recommend the following our proven Online Search Engine Marketing Program: After setting up an account, the program will submit your website to various search engines at once (including Google and Yahoo!, of course), and then resubmit it on a monthly basis. Apart from that, there are many useful tools which will check your meta tags, website content and compatibility for browsers. The program is even able to manage your PPC campaigns from one source, when you pay for the service.

It is essential that when using Submitnet, you have already optimised your website using the information gained from PPC and Google Analytics reports. Run Submitnet reports and update your website accordingly.
The tutorial will help you with all the steps you need to take.

Exchange Links with Friends

Search engines like when other sites link to your website.

As determined by the number, quality and type of linked pages, most search engines don’t even consider websites if there is not at least one or two links pointing to these sites. Links from other popular websites back to your website are one way of increasing your site’s popularity.

Finding websites with similar content (but not your competitors) and high link popularity is one way of increasing your site popularity.

If you have any friends/partners/clients who have their own web sites ranking well in Google, ask them for link exchange.

Register to Website Directories

You will find loads of them in Google; just make
sure that you submit the right link, with the right description and keywords.

Write Articles and Submit Them

The most important two article portals are: – here you can get your article distributed to thousands of other article portals just for $2 per article – we strongly recommend.

In the bio, you should include a link to your website, so you can use this example:
This article was written by XYZ of <a href=”” title=”keyword 1, keyword 2”>Keyword 1</a>.

Which will appear as:

This article was written by XYZ of Keyword 1.

Comment on popular blogs

Again, this is one of the secrets that not everybody knows about and most people are using it quite rarely.

Go to the
top ranked blogs, relevant to your topic, read articles and submit comments with your optimised link. This will not only widen your knowledge about the issues, you will also get good quality links pointing to your website with your
keywords in the anchor text.

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