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October 2, 2008
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Google Ads Management – Free Advice

Google Ads Management | Pay per Click Management | Online LeadsA very successful businesswoman running a catering business asked me for some advice on her Google Ads campaign. Was thinking it could be worth sharing with you.

So I’ve had a look – firstly, I switched off the content network, which was just lowering your CTR and it is not really effective unless you run special campaigns for it.

However, generally speaking, it was one of the better campaigns that I’ve seen so far.

There are more steps I will do when I will optimise the account, and this actually ties in with developing a new website, as for example with the current one, it’s quite difficult to track conversions automatically, as they don’t have a separate “thank you” page.

So in the meantime, maybe a small suggestion, if you want to capture more people, you can include more keywords using Keyword tool, which will give you a list of the keywords being searched for most.

Just be sure all keywords you add, will be totally relevant to what you do.

A second useful thing to do would be to create another ad, which would differ from the current one just in one thing, eg the title. Then you’ll be able to see which gives you better CTR and more clicks, and use that one.

Hope this helps at least a bit. Let me know if you have any questions.

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