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September 30, 2008
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October 2, 2008
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Website – a Lovely Picture or a Sales Tool?

Website Marketing | Online Sales | Online LeadsIf you are in business, you probably want to earn profits. And this is quite difficult without sales. Similarily, if you have a website, you probably want it to deliver sales – so that you can get profits and that’s why you’re in business.

So does your website generate leads that turn into sales? Or is it just a brochure you “hand out” and people say: “It’s nice,” when they’re leaving? Ajinder of Marbella Resorts wanted more and he got it:

“3R provided us with excellent personal approach, giving us much more than expected, providing us with hugely beneficial advice on how to enhance our website effectiveness and promote our holiday apartments online. Now I am glad to say that within last 3 months, our online bookings from Irish visitors increased by 300%.” – Ajinder Toor, Director, Marbella Resorts

Would you also like to turn your website into a powerful sales tool that brings in leads automatically 24/7?  If so, you now know where to go and get sales from your website today.

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