You can leave this website without even considering the challenge of growing your company to the next level. However, you may have some queries before you make your final decision.

Here are the most frequent questions our clients ask when they approach us. To make things clear, here you can see the answers we give – maybe this will help you to decide whether you should proceed with us or not. If we do not cover all the issues you might wonder about, please, contact us so that we can fully explain what you can expect dealing with us.

What can you do for me?

Our answer: What can we do for you? What are your needs, wants and pains?

Before we start to speak about the benefits of having more customers, shorter sales cycles, better product awareness and fully motivated staff, we need to know you better. Your marketing and sales consultancy is about your business. It’s your story of significant increase in revenues, profits and your company value, your way of doing things successfully, your way of dealing with customers so that they will be really happy with your service and will come back again.

We offer this initial analysis as a free consultation. Accordingly, we are able to create a proposal for you where you will see what we can do for your particular company, in your current circumstances with your current resources.

We want to know everything about your company – your success and your failures as well. And remember – a failure is only then a failure when you fail to learn from it.

How will you make my company grow?

Our answer: If you want to get to the higher level, you need to change something. Keeping going as you have till now, will leave you just where you are. But if you decide to take the next step, to go the other mile and to implement the proposed change in your business, soon you will see how things are getting better.

Our unique 3R™ Success Framework is a practical model that we can apply in all or part to any business, which requires significant growth. This is especially true of High Growth sectors, like Technology and Business Service companies, who can struggle with refining their vision and go to market execution.

Am I the right company to benefit from your service?

Our answer: As soon as you have at least one happy customer, you have a great potential to grow. We will point out what you do excellently and why more people will buy from you.

In addition, all of our clients share a desire for success and are prepared to follow our recommendations – here we would stress, if you are not prepared to follow the path we lay out for you to get success, we would suggest you go a different route.

How much do you charge?

Our answer: Unless you can see a value to your business over the next six months, we would not be recommending you proceed with 3R.

Sales and marketing consultancy is to increase your revenues, not costs, right? And we make sure that we fulfill our mission entirely, so that all your money will return muchfold.

And if you strive to know the exact price of our service, take the free consultation and see what we can do particularly for you and how much we will charge you. Our fees are based on the outcomes, not the amount of the time spent.

What can prove your expertise?

Our answer: Don’t take our word for this, rather see the testimonials from our clients who have already grown significantly.

Why should I trust you?

Our answer: This is entirely up to you. Here we told you how we approach things and as the third R of 3R stands for Regulatory Compliance, we always make sure that we go the ethical and legal way. This is what we demand from our clients as well, especially when they are dealing with their customers. The more you give, the more you get.

If we have not covered all the issues you wonder about, please, contact us now.