Aquajet logo“As a start-up business I needed a marketing expert to help me focus my time and energy on actions that would bring results. I felt that Peter had a real passion for my business, and as a result of his help, I feel confident that 2006 will be an excellent year for me.” – Mick Green, MD

+40% revenue increase in 1 year!

Aquajet logo“Peter’s intervention at Aquatech was very timely. We were a successful heating and supplies company, turning over more than €3million. Peter identified a few areas for immediate improvement, specifically in relation to marketing, organisational structure and sales process. 6 Months on, I am delighted to say that our revenues our up 40% year on Year.” Brian McCarthy


Businesscale logo“Peter is a brilliant business coach who specialises in helping companies boost sales, while motivating them incredibly well. He has helped us grow our business!” – Johnny Dunne, CEO

How our sales & marketing assessment helped:

Central Law Training logo“The customised report we received from 3R Sales & Marketing, has really helped focus our minds on where we need to go, as we review our strategy. Having an expert giving us an independent analysis of our operation, has provided us with a tool, which we will definitely use, as we continue to increase our business from an excellent performance in 2005.” – Caroline Conroy, MD



Creme software logo“As a software company providing a solution to benefit the food and cosmetics industry, it can sometimes be difficult to reach the decision makers with the correct message. Peter Lawless from 3R Sales and Marketing has been mentoring CREMe Software for 6 months and we now have some significant wins with both regulators and industry as well as a solid strategy for continued growth.” – Cronan McNamara, CEO


DataDuct Logo“Peter helped us understand that there is more than one positive outcome to be had from a “sales” meeting. Being focused on the prospect’s needs may not lead to an immediate sale, but does lead to the prospect’s respect and, of course, this leads to you being in an excellent position for future opportunities.” – Keith Start, CEO,


Datapac logoSales coaching with Peter has helped me understand the benefit of having a clear value proposition and asking the business decision makers to express their pains and desires in a way that I can help them put a value on implementing our business solutions. What this means is that sales cycles will be shorter and I will be able to earn more as a result. In conclusion I found the sessions very beneficial to me and in the long run for Datapac.” – Morgan Murphy



Donseed logo“As a company that provides value to the construction industry, we know that speaking the customer’s language is so important and until we had done 3R’s Value Proposition Workshop we didn’t know how important! We at Donseed now have a realistic action plan for sales and marketing and since we now also use Peter’s monthly coaching program, we’re staying on track – if you want to grow sales, you’d be mad not talking to the guys at 3R!” – Vincent Lynch, CEO


They benefited from our sales and marketing expertise:

Ericsson logo“Our EMEA sales team was looking for an experienced sales negotiator and coach, to add value to an internal training program. The time we all spent with Peter was fantastic, his insight into the psychology of sales and customer’s was of huge benefit, and will definitely help our team close more sales with higher margins.” Shauna Boyle, Training Manager


+50% revenue increase:

Eurokom logo“3R introduced me to ADSPORT, their lead generation program as well as the 3R Sales Process. Using this process along with Peter’s unique style of coaching allowed me to transform my whole approach to sales. 3R’s methodology really is the best training any sales person could get. I have seen the result firsthand – a 50 % increase in my earning capacity within 12 months.” Neil Kirwan, Sales executive


fix my tax logo“The sales and Marketing expertise that 3R provides has really helped my business. It is really quite amazing – you think you know the value that you provide to clients, however after consulting with Peter, he was able to show me a whole new way of presenting my services. The bottom line, is that my clients are delighted and keep referring more business to me.” Pat Lane, Owner

Our sales and marketing expertise contributed to their good results:

Genesis fine arts logo“Peter’s helpfulness and understanding in the all things related to sales and marketing, has given me the confidence, to manage this great team. I would highly recommend his services to any company, looking to benefit from his expertise.” – Joe Duncan, Sales & Marketing Director

They managed to boost their sales:

global tax reclaim logo“I am delighted we contacted 3R Sales and Marketing. Peter has really helped us focus, and since his involvement, we have managed to significantly increase our customer base, and feel confident we are on the path for even more growth.” – Val Mills, MD



IBM logo“3R has a unique blend of sales and marketing expertise and the ability to translate customer requirements into marketplace solutions.” Rich Lechner, Vice President



icon business solutions logo“I really learnt a lot from Peter’s expertise in Sales and Marketing. His advice, has helped me focus my business tremendously.”David Quirke, Owner




Irish Quality Centre logo (IQC)

“Irish Quality Centre has an enviable track record in Quality training programs and consulting. Peter’s expertise in Sales and Marketing, has shown us how to cost effectively increase our customer base and revenue” Dan Boland, MD





Lostdata INC logo“As a start-up company, I needed a specialist in marketing, to help identify and focus in on the business goals. Peter is an excellent coach, with an excellent approach to has a great approach on how to focus on the business goals. I have benefited greatly from the meetings and foresee 2008 and 2009 being an excellent start for me.” Kevin Byrne,




+100% revenue increase:

midland training logo“The 3R Business Health Check has focused me on sales again which tends to get put to the side to do other “important” things. To date sales for January are up over 100 % on last year, with a very strong pipeline. Thanks for reminding me why I went into business in the first place.” Sinead Bermingham, MD


Interactive Workshop: Boost Your Website Traffic:

nostra systems logo“Our clients are business owners who want to increase productivity and now thanks to 3R’s Interactive workshop, when you type ‘increase productivity’ into Google we are number 3. A great investment that has saved us tons of money and significantly reduced ongoing SEO and PPC fees that we would have had to pay an online marketing expert to manage our campaigns, that we can now do ourselves.” – Muriel Molloy, Marketing Manager



Olas_IT logo“We asked 3R to conduct their Business Health Check for our business. It was refreshing to receive such a professional report, that has helped us focus on our core business, and increase sales. I would have no hesitation in recommending 3R to any company who wishes to increase leads and raise their revenues.” – Louise Church, Co-Founder


palladium logo“We approached 3R to help us clarify our value proposition and sales approach. 3R’s insights into our customer’s needs and pains helped us rapidly create a sound strategy. This realigned focus, has led to significant business wins, in just a few months” – Traoloch Collins, Director


pcr logo“Many thanks for your detailed report, it certainly focused our minds on the importance of a good sales and marketing team.” – Michelle & Tina, Joint MDs,



+40% revenue increase in 6 months!

phoenix safety logo“Peter has proved to be an excellent mentor both to me personally and to Phoenix Safety. During the last 6 months, our revenue has risen nearly 40 %. Our overseas expansion plans are now well underway and I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter’s services to any business that needs to grow their sales.” Sean Fennell, CEO


+300% revenue increase:

vox generation logo“Our Revenue is up 300% since we engaged 3R. Their experience in Sales and Marketing has been invaluable to us as a high Technology Start-up Company. We don’t sell technology anymore, we now help customers increase revenues and reduce costs thanks to 3R’s advice.”Simon Loopuit, CEO and Founder


wattle grove logo“Your advice has given me the confidence to make important decisions that have made a significant difference to our company. I always found your advice relevant, clear and insightful, and as a result our ambition to transform Wattle Grove from a small Service-based business to a large Product-based business is now well on track.” – Martin Boers, MD