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September 7, 2005
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September 21, 2005
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Don’t ignore objections


I hope you had a great week.

This week, I have done two research projects for two different clients. For one, I used my French background to do a competitive research & analysis of the French market to pick some nice ideas for one of our client operating in Ireland. One of the many advantages of having a multi cultural team! The second research was for a newsletter for a client of ours. Talking of clients, 3R has seen an dramatic increase recently! I have also been working on the lead generation project. Peter expects between 200 and 300 leads…so it is a challenging work but very interesting.

This week, I offer this advice: Don’t ignore your prospect’s objections. Don’t act as it is not important. Don’t act as deaf. If you do, then you are probably not closing as many sales as you easily could. If you take into consideration her/his objections, then your prospect will feel more secure. And you will be making more money!

See you in a week and all the best until then,

P.S.: For the past two weeks, I have been watching Stelios’ new venture into the cruising industry on SKY TV at 8.00PM and I higly recommend this show! Stelios is a marketing genius and the man behind the Easy brand name (
To all the business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, you will see that starting a new business is always complicated even when you have “easy” marked on it! 😉

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