Digital Marketing: Dare to Advertise on Radio/TV?

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December 2, 2011
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August 6, 2012
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Digital Marketing: Dare to Advertise on Radio/TV?

Needless to say, if you decided to run an ad campaign in a radio or on TV, you probably know your reasons. Just make sure you know that the listenership is relevant to customers and that you don’t waste too much advertising space on people who will never buy your products.

For your, you probably want to pick radio stations and programs that are watched by customers. Our main advice here is that there is no point in going to a mass of people without any targeting. You could spend lots of money and not get anything out of it.

So let’s suppose you picked a program that is by 80% watched by customers. What do you do next?

Again, here it proves to talk to experts and people who will write a professional script for you, get a voiceover actor and record the ad in a professional studio. Whether going for radio or TV, probably the easiest way is to contact the advertising section of a particular station, and ask them for a rate card, as well as prices and air times.

Ideally, if you are placing a spot, you should try to get interviewed in a particular program so that you will not only be seen as an advertiser, but also as a real person who is involved in the program, which increases your credibility and chances that people will contact you.

As with all marketing tools, always make a clear call to action in the ad – you can either ask customers to give you a call, bring them to your website, or to your offices.

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