Digital Marketing: Dare to Advertise on Radio/TV?
December 9, 2011
Quality Over Quantity – SEO Tips To Kung Fu That Panda
August 7, 2012
Digital Marketing: Dare to Advertise on Radio/TV?
December 9, 2011
Quality Over Quantity – SEO Tips To Kung Fu That Panda
August 7, 2012
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Why Doesn’t My New Website Get Any Customers?

Ventured Into The World Of Online Business? Struggling To make Sales Or Even Have Any Visitors To Your Site?

Then you may or may not have heard about some SEO services that can help you and your site to generate some traffic, you cannot have sales if you do not have traffic!

What Is SEO?

Understanding a little bit about what SEO (search engine optimization) is and what it can do for your online business is the first step. Well, to put it simply, have you ever wondered why when you type in a product or service that you are selling into Google, some websites are on the first page whereas yours could be way down on page 10.

Well that is the key, and that is why your site is not getting traffic. When people use a search engine to find a product they wish to purchase, they will generally click on the first site that is suggested to them by the search engine. If they are not convinced by that site they may try out the few sites below etc. However, they are bound to find what they like long before they get to your webpage.

These sites at the top of the rankings are there because they employ the use of good SEO services, search engine optimization is paramount to manipulating search engines and how they rank websites in their list.

The Rules For Search Engines

These rules are ever changing; this means that a good SEO service will always be one step ahead of the Googles of this world.

An SEO service company will be able to increase your rank within these search engines for particular keywords you wish to use. A keyword is something that your potential customers will type into the search engines, so any keywords that are directly related to your website products or services should be targeted by an SEO service company.

They will be able to increase your search engine results based on these keywords, thus generating more traffic to your website and more potential customers.

How Do SEO Services Achieve This?

There are many methods; however, the most prominent way to increase your traffic through these keywords is by having quality back links to your site. These can be in the form of quality articles that are written full of good content (not spam) that are then posted to article submission sites or blogs, these articles will have links at the bottom pointing to your site.

Another way to do this is through forum posting or social media. It used to be the case that Google would simply rank you by the amount of keywords are found on your site and the links to it, however things have now changed.

That is why you often run into useless articles that are just full of spammed keywords; sites that use this type of poor quality back links are now being punished. Google still does rank through back links, but they have to be quality links, good quality rather than just spam.

However, there is a whole lot more to SEO services than just that. That was just the tip of the ice berg, however, if you want to see your site higher up on Google you really should think about getting some SEO services companies to work at improving your rankings.



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