November 30, 2006

New Venus and Mars Article on Website

Just released another of the famous Buyers are from Venus and Sales People are from Mars artice in sales articles. This ones helps you understand how […]
November 27, 2006

About 3R Sales and Marketing

Hello, people! Last time I introduced you our new website. Now I would like to tell you something about our company itself. Set up in 2004, […]
November 26, 2006

3R Sales and Marketing Network

3R Sales and Marketing Network – Have a look at the new website – sales, marketing, business development, real business growth specialists – they even have […]
November 23, 2006

A Website That Will Bring Your Business Up

Hello, people! This week I decided to introduce you our website I have been working on recently. Relaunched just on November 3, 2006, it has pretty […]
November 7, 2006

Market Research To Raise Up Your Business

Hello, people! This week I want to tell you something about business in more general terms. I assume you are aware of one basic thing: you […]
October 31, 2006

We Think Pictures

Hello, people! There is a long weekend behind us and with that probably lots of experiences, full of fun and relax. Moreover, the weather was also […]
October 27, 2006

Red As a Marketing Tool

Hello, people! Again website. That has been my work during the recent days and I still like it. Having been a bit busy this week, I […]
October 17, 2006


Today is my last day at 3R, so the last day of this blog as well! I really enjoyed my experience here and I must admit […]
October 17, 2006

How To Build Your Web Site + Ad Effectiveness

Hello, people! This week I worked much on our website – nothing interesting maybe for you but for me it was an amazing experience trying to […]