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October 2, 2013
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How 3R improved SEO for

Office Technology Ltd. is a highly reputable printing devices and document management services business in Ireland formed over two decades ago. Furthermore, their support system for existing clients is second to none with an extremely qualified technical staff. This makes for a complete customer experience.

There are many brands which Office Technology deal with and are educated on, meaning a wide variety of choice is available. Maintenance can also be a problem in companies as damages can cost considerably more – this is why their staff members are capable to perform repairs which will be included in customer’s warranty.  There is no question that Office Technology is the best place to find the most advanced printing technology tailored to individual business needs.

However, prior to contacting 3R they were struggling to gain an online foothold in their market due to inexperience in creating content generated sales.  3R was able to turn this around by introducing them to successful website marketing techniques and methods. First of all we needed to find out more information about the company such as who their target audience are and what the overall target is.

Once this was done we could analyse their website and figure how to tailor it more to attract potential clients. There are specific keywords that will give an emphasis to a website over its competitors and this is what needed to be determined in relation to each product and service offered. By adding regular content in the form of blogs and articles detailing solutions to customer queries Office Technology Ltd has seen a rise in their Google rankings and a huge increase in page hits, contacts and sales.

This year Office Technology Ltd. celebrate 21 years in business and we would like to congratulate them on this amazing success!





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